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HELPED ME RIGHT TO THE TRUST AND HERE came out: Singer Darko Lazić on the late Šaban – “I just lowered my head” (VIDEO)

Folker Darko Lazić on the call he received after a terrible car accident in which he almost lost his life

Source: Screenshot / First TV / MONDO

Singer Darko Lazić had a serious car accident on October 23, 2018, when he got stuck in a car off the road and turned around.

The recovery was long and difficult, and the singer has now, as a guest on the show dedicated to the late king of folk music, Shaban Shaulic, revealed what he told him after the accident.

“He insulted me so much. He was very angry at me, and he criticized me just because I just laid my head down, I have nothing to say, and everything he said was good. I think of every piece of his advice. , but mostly he advised me on singing, I will remember it most, “said Darko, noting that, despite the doctor’s advice, he went to his funeral.

“I was not even allowed to be on crutches for more than a few minutes a day. I only know that I said, ‘I’m going, I will not be able to accompany him to the grave, but I must offer my condolences to the family and say goodbye. him. ‘ It was stronger than me. I could not stand it if I did not go away, I would not have forgiven myself. “

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