Sunday , December 5 2021

German electric cars are not as sexy as Tesla


The German economic minister Peter Altmayer is of course not satisfied with domestic electric cars, and probably does not expect these models by German manufacturers.

According to the German media Altmajer sent a very interesting note to the heads of the largest German carmakers at a conference.

"I feel great when you, Mr. Zeech (head of Daimler) or you, Mr. Dis (VW), or Mr. Kriger of BMW, have electric cars, that are at least half so sexy as Tesla .. -automobile, can you come up with something new, fresh ideas ", be Altmayer.

If you judge by the tone, the minister did not say this in a humorous tone, and he did not respond to Diss and Zec, they were there.

Otherwise, the largest German manufacturers Which "sexy" electrical models are stored.

Audi (part of VW Groep) and Mercedes have presented attractive SUV models "e-tron" i "EQC", and soon the first electric Porsche (part of the VW group) – "tycoon". If the first two models with their dimensions are not all attractive to everyone, this can not be safe for the elegant "pores".

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