Sunday , June 13 2021

End: Red Star – Monaco 75:91 | basketball

20:47 –

On the other side of point Legrand and Jones, then Davidovac, Simanic and Reglandizlaze enter Beron, Faja and Lazic, so the star plays without the classic play maker (64:80).

Monaco maintains a big advantage and has an advantage of 16 points (66:82) ahead of five minutes.

Beron strikes troika. Legland has a good chance to beat Freudo, so after a good dribble through Simanic, Nidam will hit threes and get rid of any hope (72:89).

End – 75:91.

20:26 –
The third quarter

Red Star starts the second half seriously. Again, in the first game, a defensive problem appeared, and Monaco could easily access the basket. So Tomic is trying to keep his car on time to calm his team. Additionally, Lazic hit an individual without a sportsman, and the team filled the bonus after only three minutes of the game (47:54)

The guests were pretty aggressive in the third quarter, Pepperlugu finished the badly scored series, Kobicz the Troika, and Nidam repaid Monaco's double-digit advantage (52:63) immediately.

Tomic is struggling to find the right team, the Serbian team's mistakes are resolved, and Lakomb slowly points Monaco's good leadership (54:71). Nidam hits the trophy with "+20" (54:74). Monaco makes only a minute or two to finish a third. Every time a judge makes an individual guest, the fans of the hall applaud. Simanic, Davidovac, Ristic are also in the game, and the young center provides the first point in the game (56:74).

Davidovac points to the foul after "ramp", and implements additional free throws. Lakomb begins to penetrate, Simanic gets a new blockade, and Filipovski finds a timeout (59:74).

Simanić dashes at the end of the third game and recovers the team (62:76).

19:45 –

The second stretch starts with a dying outreach. Simanic tries to use Monaco for the first time on the floor, but young basketball defends itself. Ojo recorded four consecutive points (33 minutes and 31 seconds).

Legland was much better at defending the Serbian team in the second leg. Philipinski attempted to respond to the timing car. Perperoglu surpasses Lakomba (39:35).

After taking some good actions, two mistakes were made in red and white. It is enough for Tomic's reaction from the bench (39:39). In two consecutive attacks Legrand and Peperoglu attempt to tackle the Troika, but it is not close. Outara is punished with a series of troika at her team 9: 0 (39:42).

"Empty Walk" interferes with Cirbes in light racing on racquets. In the first part, Lakomb, who showed excellent defense, slipped and fell. The referee interfered with Zvezda's attack and the players entered the players' bench. Faye corrects the failure of Lazic and pointer (43:42).

At the end of the timeout, Kikanovic is left alone and Cirbes is faster than the sirens to keep the lead at the front (45:44).

19:21 –
First quarter

Both teams started a very aggressive attack. Lazic, Cirbes, Beron and Faye, Nidham and Robinson. After making some mistakes, Tomic is looking for a breakthrough (14:18).

After a good break in the short break, Veron hit a new three and scored eight points in five minutes at the same time. Legland has made a breakthrough in defense of his opponent in his style, but red and white are struggling to defend their rival's attack (21:25).

Dobric continued his excellent shooting game, scoring three goals (27:25) as soon as he started playing when he hit the Tropical. The other Barry returned in the same way. Dobric dances with Paulo, while Outara is the first to throw. Perperoglu received a penalty of 2 for Paulo. After the first 10 minutes, the results are released (29:29).

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