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"Dear people, help, your friend is gone!" Theodore was not 24 hours, did you see her? (PHOTO)



11/28/2018. 10:56

Teodora Rejcevic

Teodora Rejcevic, Photo: Facebook

The actor Miki Damnjanović published an appeal for help on his instagram profile. Earlier, the actor has set a picture

"Even if someone has any information!" Theodora rajevic disappeared 24 hours ago, she has no mobile phone. She had a dark green garment and brown shoe on her, crying, perhaps something can, "says the description of the photo of a fermist.

The actors wrote in the picture: "Good people, do not let your friend disappear! All information is useful!"

Theodor's family also reported Fejbuk.

"If someone has information about Theodore, let him write if it's good." It is not a phone with us, we have no news of it for more than 24 hours. "" Thanks to her family. "She is in status.

Miss Teodora Rejcevic disappeared

Missing Teodora Rejcevic, Photo: Printskrin

If you have Teodor or have your information, please contact 060/6862438

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