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CDC: The “war” against kovid 19 has changed because of the “delta” tribe

Because of the rapidly transmitting delta strain, the “war has changed” against covid 19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned and suggested clearer messages, mandatory vaccination of health care workers and a return to general mask wear.

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Photo: Shutterstock / arda savasciogullari

Photo: Shutterstock / arda savasciogullari

An internal CDC document states that the delta, originally discovered in India, and now the dominant variant of the virus around the world, is as contagious as these smallpox and that it is transmitted much faster than the common cold or flu.

it can even be transmitted to vaccinated people and can cause more serious symptoms than previous strains of coronavirus, Reuters reports.

The document, entitled “Improved Communication on Vaccine Infection and Vaccine Efficiency,” states that the Delta needs a new approach for the public to understand the danger – among other things to make it known that non-vaccinated people are likely to become seriously ill or die 10 times. Higher than those who received the coronavirus vaccine, Voice of America reports.

“Recognize that the war has changed. Improve risk messages among those vaccinated,” the document advises. The CDC confirmed the authenticity of the document, which was first reported by the Washington Post.

Vaccinated individuals, although much less likely to become infected, can transmit the disease to others just like those who have not received the vaccine, this was not the case with previous strains.

“High levels of the virus suggest an increased risk of transmission and raise concerns that, unlike other variants, vaccinated individuals infected with the delta could transmit the virus,” CDC Director Roel Valenski said in a statement.

The CDC on Friday published the results of an arithmetic survey in Massausets, where three-quarters of those infected were thought to be fully immunized. That investigation played a key role in the agency’s decision to re-recommend at the beginning of the week that vaccinated people wear masks in certain cases, Valenski said.

Meanwhile, the White House said Friday that the average number of people vaccinated against kovid 19 has increased by 30 percent because the delta strain of the coronavirus virus is spreading rapidly in the United States.

“Today we have registered more than half a million new doses – the highest number since July 1,” said spokeswoman Carinne and Pierre. Delta is the dominant variant of coronavirus worldwide and has so far been registered in 132 countries, said the World Health Organization (WHO).

U.S. President Do Biden on Thursday called on federal authorities to pay citizens to be vaccinated and introduced new rules requiring federal employees to prove they were vaccinated or otherwise regularly checked, wear masks and face restrictions on business paths.

A new CDC report could spark a debate on whether masks, remote physics and other fashion measures are needed again, even in countries where a large number of people are vaccinated and pandemic restrictions have been reduced.

In Israel, wearing masks and quarantine has recently been mandatory again for travelers arriving in the country.

“The most important thing that has changed because of the delta strain is that the masks will be worn and that the measure will have to be reintroduced in the countries where it was lifted,” said Carlo Federico Perno, head of microbiology at the hospital and immunology department. Rome.

The CDC states in the document that the first step for the bureau is to “recognize that the war has changed” and to raise public awareness about infections among those vaccinated, as well as a much lower risk of serious illness once you have received the vaccine. .

“Delta seems to be about 50 percent more transmissible than the other three ‘care variants’, which are also being transmitted faster than the original virus,” WHO spokesman Tarik Jaarevi said on Friday.

The World Health Organization warned Friday that due to the spread of delta strains the world is in danger of achieving victory in the fight against kovid 19, but also noted that vaccines are still effective against diseases and hospitalizations.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebrejesus said the number of infected people in most regions of the world has increased by 80 percent in the past four weeks.

During the same period, the death toll in Africa – where only 1.5 percent of the population was vaccinated – increased by 80 percent.

“We are fighting the same virus, but a virus that has become clearer and better adapted to human transmission,” said WHO emergency expert Mike Ryan.

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