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As previously used, immunotherapy is more effective. health


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November 12, 2018 10:02 |

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At a meeting in Belgrade, Cuban doctors announced their experience of cancer treatment. The problem is that this treatment is only included in the last stages of the disease

In a presentation in The Newest Cuban Medical Achievements in Belgrade, Cuban oncologists have proven that a new immunotherapy in the form of a vaccine, administered individually for each patient, is effective in treating various types of cancer in children and adults.

The study, launched in Havana in 2015, was conducted in 39 patients, according to Cuban doctors, and this new treatment was used as a cancer treatment in 40% of patients. In the second study, children aged 3 to 18 with active brain tumors, DIPG, participated and immunotherapy with radiotherapy was successful.

– In a study conducted from 2009 to 2016, one of the new drugs was tested and 96% had a positive response. Although these children developed aggressively before the study, they survived and lived normal lives and the tumors flourished within a short period of time. The drug significantly increased the survival rate, said Dr. Renee Pedersa, a pediatrician at the Havana Institute for Oncology.

Dr. Anabela Estevez Garcia, an oncologist, talked about the benefits of this conference, which emphasized that the purpose of immunotherapy is to turn cancer into a chronic disease.

– The immune system is formed to fight the disease. The problem is that the patient must be treated in the traditional way to receive treatment. They do not consider immunotherapy until they reach the final stage of the disease. If so, the treatment is not so effective – says Dr. Garcia.


Reno Cespedes, director of pediatrics at the Institute of Oncology and Radiation Biology at Havana, says scientists at the Cuban Institute expect to find the most cures in the near future.

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