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Another historic night in LeBron James (PHOTO) (Video) | whole body


The Lakers scored 51 points in a convincing victory and became the fifth player in the NBA league. Hand in hand with three clubs

LeBron James

If American headline Michael LeBron James returns home before the game, the morning of LA Lakers had to be "King Bird the House".

That's because one of the best NBA basketball players wins his former club with 51 points (113: 97).

Igacio and re-enter history! In other words, James King became the fifth player to give 50+ points to the three clubs.

Interestingly, the only drama in the game was whether Lebron broke the 50-point limit. And he was the thirteenth in his career.

Just give him the ball and run away. – I talked to Lakers Kuzm during the game.

Miami did not forget LeBron, and fans proved it when they greeted applause and screaming like a thriller at the start of the game.

James welcomes fans in Miami. Photo: AP / Tanjug

James also did not forget Miami.

It's always good to play here. Sometimes we had bad moments and there were a lot of good things. I always admire these fans. He was 51 points and eight rebounds for the Lakers.

He scored 19 points in Kaldvel – Poup, 15 points in Kuzma, and 13 points in Ingram. In Miami, Elington scored 19 points, Johnson and Richardson scored 17 points, and McGruder 14 points.

How did the injuries of Drammond Green and Stephanie Cary affect the Golden State scores for San Antonio? The champion was defeated by Spars 104: 92!

It was the fourth defeat in five games and the fifth defeat in the last seven games. And that spectacular set 8-0.

This is the actual NBA. We have not played in the real NBA for the last four years. We were in a dream. Now we are facing real events. We have to deal with it. Ratner coach Steve Ker said.

Durent, Green, Cook only played in Golden State.

Durent's facial expression says Photo: AP / Tanjug

He was 26 points and 10 rebounds and 8 assists. In the second place, Kick finished 16 points and eight rebounds.

Lamarkus Aldridge was the best in Spars with 24 points and 18 rebounds. Demar Derozan got 20 points and Gay point got a small score. Belinelli scored 12 points.

Sunday and Monday night games are worth mentioning about a convincing victory in Orlando as well as a New York score of 131: 117 (Vucevic 28 points and 10 lbs) and Washington DC (119: 109). Jabu-Dabl Jusuf Nurkic – 13 points and 14 rebounds!


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