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And Kia Gambler has PO * NIC! Here's who! (PHOTO)


01/22/2019. 23.20

He is not afraid to suffer in the audience.

Kristina Kia Gambler

Kristina Kia Cooks, Photo: Dejan Briza / Alo!

Kia Gokard gave it hat porn with former wife Slobo Radanovic! Win "Cooperation 1" and the singer was regularly recorded in the site while they were married, and explicit photos were changed, making them now hide from the audience.

Doc Porn scandal Jelena Karleusa retains the BalkansWho is not hoping to pass a pop star, and that her former will not announce that she is in a phone.

Slobodan and I found five years together and it is normal that we have many common interesting videos, explicit photos and messages. When partners are trustworthy and trust each other, they share such things together. It is a bad thing if we misuse this trust ", said Kia" Informer ".

They add that For now it is evidence that Radanovic will not act as Ognjen Vranješ a publishing has pornography. Although he was recently published as a bisexual, she did not conclude that she would guess by making her a sex offender.

Sloba Radanović

Sloba Radanovic, Photo: Alo! / Nenad Vujanovic

– When it comes to these things, I have faith in Slobodan. I hope he never publishes it or anyone. If he wanted, he could do that now – Kia says, adding:

– People who & # 39; what they do are for all conviction. In fact, these are not real men. It's not alien – the conclusion of Kockareva.

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