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ALL ABOUT CRAFTS THAT DOES NOT BE PRINCIPLES: Young women do not show SIMPTOMA at all, and here's what every woman should do at least once in a year! | Nice

Dijana Milojkovic died on Monday at age 33 after a five-year battle with invasive cervical cancer.

Only a few months after they discover that they have metastases at & # 39; lymph nodes – in & # 39; e abdomen and abdomen.

Uterine cancer is one of the most invasive and dangerous tumors that do not give rise to symptoms at first. Aleksandra Kostić, a specialist in gynecology, said what the first symptoms of uterine cancer were.

"This is a broad story, because the cancer of the uterus can be a cancer of the endometrium, a uterine sarcoma, a metastasis of another organ such as the cervix, the metastasis normally goes to the closest organ, and later to the distant organs, and this kind of cancer does not give rise to symptoms, and if symptoms start, it often promotes the stage of one's illness.The initial symptoms can be quite unspecific, people do not recognize them, and when they discover them, it is most advanced by cancer, "Dr. Kostic said.

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"For example, ovarian cancer is discovered by happiness, because there is no ovarian carcinoma screening, as it exists for cervical cancer. The uterus can be detected ultrasound, but this is not a specific method. Ultrasound is help diagnostic methods and may not be safe to tell us that someone has cancer, normally it is suspected of uterine cancer, so a biopsy is being sent and sent to a histopathologic, but in young people it is harder. if a woman enters the menopause and she has endometrial thickens we make a keratosis and we find that it is cancer but if a younger person with endometrium is thicker than slower, depending on & # 39, a hormone status that is a much worse diagnosis, "she says.

It is important to notice what the first symptoms are of this disease and what is most important to know about it.

"In the beginning, even for years, there may be no symptoms, and after that it is a trickery and what is typically a contact flourishes or blooms during a sexual relationship." It already speaks of an advanced stage of illness, at an early stage, and before malignant changes in the situation, if at all, may prevent the onset of cancer, "said Dr. Kostic.

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Preventive studies in this case are what you can protect from the start of this underground disease.

"Once in a year, it's quite enough to control and what's important is protection – a condom! The cause of the cervix is ​​a sexually transmitted HPV virus, condoms, but in over 90% of cases the barrier protection is the first priority! "

"Risk factors are promiscuity, low immunity (if immunity is a good organism, the virus will itself fight, but if it is weak, then it is a step in the run of the disease), it increases smoking the risk is also to get cervical cancer, but only when a person comes in contact with the virus, the doctor says and complains that we must first have a virus to talk about the development of cancer!

An overview that every woman should perform every year should include the following:

– Papanicolau test and colposcopy, and in suspicious situations, HPV types can be done, advises Dr. Kostic.

– There are three types of HPV viruses, with high, medium and low oncogenic potentials. If a woman determines the existence of a virus in the body, it doesn't mean she gets cancer. These are the people who need to check more often, that is, they have an increased risk and that they need to check the situation.

Statistics in Serbia are worrying. About 1,500 people die every year, and 600 women die, putting our country on the notorious third place in Europe due to the number of sick and killed in Europe.

Speaking tongue numbers, almost every day, are diagnosed with cervical cancer in five women, and, unfortunately, lose two battles with this bad disease.

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