Tuesday , January 19 2021

While waiting, Loeb finished the stage 9 hours later

It’s a huge blow for Sébastien Loeb. Due to a mechanical break at the level of the suspension triangle, in the sixth stage of the Dakar 2021 this Friday in Saudi Arabia, the BRX Hunter driver had to stop on the 97th kilometer to get through the aid. A very long wait since the Frenchman waited almost 9 hours, lost in the middle of the desert, before his team joined him, equipped with the right part.

As a result, the BRX crew came to the finish line after 13 hours and 48 minutes of racing, collecting a delay of 10 hours and 10 minutes on the scratch time. After a week of racing in Saudi Arabia, Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena took 44th place in the general classification, 11 hours and 42 minutes behind French leader Peterhansel.

Loeb: “The goal is to win this rally one more day”

Despite this huge cumulative delay and all the difficulties encountered since the start of this Dakar 2021, it was out of the question for Sébastien Loeb and his co-driver to give up. Daniel Elena also confirmed this idea in a message posted on Twitter, accompanied by a selfie in the middle of the night, in anticipation of assistance: “Seven hours later in the middle of nowhere. Be sure, everything We do it right “We are waiting for repairs. We will never give up, count on us to come back and win this Dakar”.

An unsatisfactory determination and a desire to do good for the future, which Sébastien Loeb also relied on social networks, a few minutes after the end of the trial: “Because even after 8 hours in the desert in ‘ the middle of nowhere, 9 leaks in 3 days, gardening and more gardening, the goal is still to win this rally one day “.

The next day Sébastien Loeb takes stock and appreciates this short break: “After a special of almost 2 hours yesterday, the day of rest is on time”. Friday night, the duo was able to hit the road again to reach the bivouac at 10:30 a.m. (local time).

Sunday, the return to competition will be difficult, with the sequence of two marathon stages, from Hagel to Sakaka (742 km) then from Sakaka to Neom (709 km), with no intervention on the machines other than that of the pilots and co pilots during their break at the bivouac.

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