Friday , May 7 2021

The Villa of Broken Hearts 6: Cassandra disappointed by the candidates after the arrival of Léana, she swings and tackles them with hypocrisy

Cassandra has just swung over the latest episode of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6. And she’s visibly disappointed …

Léana lynched by Dylan and Cassandra upon their arrival at La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 6, they collided violently. And the beautiful blonde did not respond to the broadcast of the last episode of the show on TFX. Cassandra noticed that before Léana arrived, her comrades were there to support her. They were all on his side. But a few hours after the beautiful brunette arrived in the villa, things changed. Cassandra was therefore very disappointed by some candidates. And she failed to let it be known about her Instagram story. A message can be found below.

The story of Cassandra
The Story of Cassandra – Credit (s): Instagram cassandrajulliaoff

“I want to say one thing: between La Villa 5 and 6 there is an ocean. The 5, we were united. The 6, only mimics my word. (Be careful, I exclude 3/4). Were there to say to me, “it will be well, we will be there. We understand. In your place we would throw her.” Mr. Two hours after she arrived, that was what I heard ‘my life’. I heard laughter behind my back and look at the pictures, I’m even more bent on laughing “, wrote Cassandra. We are already wondering if the intended candidates will respond … Before you know it, know that Eva Ducci has said more about her relationship with Vivian.

Credit: Instagram cassandrajulliaoff

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