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the route of the business project Atepa

Live on Dakaractu, this Sunday, Pierre Atepagoudiaby Officially presented candidate of 2019 is employed. On occasion there is the architect, cantor of # e " true change ", A speech worthy of the event.

Mexpand the productBrutal initiative is at 3 in 5 years

The first point of his social project is dedicated to young people. " deemployment for all is in the heart of our social project Says the man who will replace the Gross Domestic Product by 3 in 5 years.

" We have written a new dynamic in particular with mandatory military service in a form of civil service. The essence of mandatory military service, It is patriotism, love for work, justice, discipline. In addition, we will learn young people, as we call them " Gobi neighborhoods, they will learn their business. At one end of 18 months everyone will have a job. This is where we start the floor. We will focus on raising young people for tomorrow "He calls to this arrow; Not without training for training scouts, dit scouts and guidesas was the case in the past.

"We will make a movelikely to blame for corruption "

" We will do an unfortunate war on corruption. It is corrupt that this land destroys. It should stop. We have a genuine corrosion program ", he says, in another register.

" Education, it will be for everyone. From the age of 5, the education will be required and free "Forgive me lord goudiaby. In that context, he warned some parents that her, including children are not registered in the school, are summoned to the police. " Education is at the heart, at the wind, at the foundation of development "He talks, inspired by the example of Rwanda, he discovered the audiobookencand that he has reserved Through his "friend" President Kagame, to explain how he succeeded a training program for all. "He does not should not that there has got education only in capital, "he says. The cursor on & # 39; e"Shield" of the child of a rural world that learns "under the sun" ". he has Also, the model of education is called from India, that is Overwhelmed and universal school successfully experimented.

"All senegalese citizens will to be connected to theeducation in line ", it's on the page, sIngato give Senegal television programs. 20% of & # 39; s programs & quot; e TVnational and 10% of those in the private sector should be aimed at education, according to the architect. The candidate continueshas built 6000 cyber boxes. This latest project, which he returns, comes from the Master's magisterium. Abdoulaye Wade. Better, he determines his thought, then he willbleak sfree columns and connected with virtual libraries. In this regard, he asks, regret that Senegal has not yet had a national library.

The President of the Movement "Senegal rek ", The address of 'health resource', says thatyou 1000 children you more than 50 can not be party at first birthday of her birthDue to system weaknesses. What drives him to program await the engineering plateau on& # 39;based on the national territory. His boatecris the project " God bless you Ciity ".

In & # 39; the frontline in & # 39; the fight for the preservation of Littoral, Pierre Atepa the lot continues de Complaint liberated by PERL, where he is part,OFNAC.

" We started in to work that is broken. we havevoffer in planning. one has got forgot to sell your land to friends. I say to youall who is are fitL alongittoral, that sooner or later the Littoral return to the population He says, threatening. " Since then us sister Nafi Ngom is gone, It's just when we do not complain to our complaint "Trusted to the chief of Casamance directors.

Dakar One of the three most contagious cities in # the world

" Air pollution must be correctedat once. he is unacceptable that us city ​​(Dakar) One of the three most common spoiled to the world. One of the reasons for this pollution is the old car that sends us. One of the reasons why plenty of of people dsickness long hair. de President Wade had taken a brave decision to ask that de vmore of 5 years not come in Senegal ", He said.Prior to & # 39; solutions; advocate.

"D5 to 10 years, Senegal needs its electric car and thes export »

He understands that in 5 10 years Senegal needs produce his electric car and thees export. " To make an electric car, justhas gotSee a good battery. The battery of batteries last generation is ready of of the lithium. we have of lithium Senegal Oriental. Why sell this lithium while we can build a production-one of electric batteries ? de Senegal will sell battery cheap electric ", advance the candidate. He announces that once, that tricycles electric and water Kaolack.

Comprehensive numbers on the iron of e Felema : A loss of up to 500 billion dollars

In short, Atepa, the Plan Senegal created is greater than oil and gas to have discovereds in Senegal. He wants it for proof:40 years ago, the highest building dDubai was 12 stories high. If this land has been developed today, it isThanks to his gas, according to the candidate.

This transition makes it possible to return to a nebula has got Recently succeeded the reconstruction of iron to the Felemato a Turkish company. Because of the evidence that he only has the secret, Pierre goudiaby declares that in this case Senegal failed bazarder at $ 2 billion his iron, where He can get 500 billion Dollars.

"We still have colonized mentality. Our leaders are complex "

"We still have mentality de colonized. Our leaders are complex, "he attacked, calling the example of the airport International Blaise Diagne, realized, according to his words, At 80%, with the arcthe Senegalese tax state, Under the leadership of Mr. Abdoulaye Wade, where the Turks completed the remaining 15 to 20%, administrators infrastructure. The appointment of a non-national at the head of the new airline Air Senegal is not the taste of stone Atepa, which concerns the Senegalese language fall was, almost 60 years ago, the first president of Air Africa.

Earn to increase the lifestyle of the state to earn, hear goudiaby obliged, once chosen to withdraw his salary as head of state, earning the sluice to sell it by a "gray box" to three between the president of the Republic, thechairman ofNational Assembly and Minister of the Interiorefence. it promise also a government of 12 ministers. "No more," he remembers, again.

de council economic, social et is in & # 39; sevisors of & # 39; a candidate who counts removethe structure led by Mrs. Aminata Tall for the replace by the Conboard of # rooms dtradeto lookit in toot the land.

About the modernization ofAgriculture, which advocates the "tele-localization" to fight against cattle, focuses on himindustrialization and irrigation techniques to make itADBacheloroil.

Last but not least, Pierre Atepa Channel 4 wants to get shopping for helping senegal artists to make foreign competition. In that respect, this expression expresses itself, is the designer of the industrial park of DiamniaDio, Advantage of National Preference, provides a suspension of an implementation of the imports of furniture.

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