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The Louvre will begin free nekken


The Louvre, which gets the annual report, will give a free night from January one of the first Saturday of each month to encrypter their audience.

The numbers make it dizzy. With the attention of attendance to the end of November, the Louvre, the most visited museum, is expected to attract 10 million visitors. the end of the year. The record of annual presence established in 2012 with 9.7 million visitors will be exhibited, according to the direction of the museum. In 2017, the Louvre has recorded a sharp rise in attendance (after 2016, after the attacks in 2015 in Paris), attracted 8.1 million visitors. With the Louvre-Lens, 8.5 million visitors attracted the collections in 2017.

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This emerging record comes with the announcement of # Starta free night every month, painted with various fun activities, with the ambition to open a new, more popular audience, outside the director and foreign tourists. This new offer, from January 5thwill primarily set up the Parisians, but also young people and families with large children and adolescents. It is also offered to holders of Culture Pass, developed by the Ministry of Culture for Youth.

Democratize the Louvre

The purpose is that "this night is a real lever of 'democratization of' Louvre," said the museum in a statement. This twelve nights from 18 o'clock to 21 o'clock replace the first six free sunday from October to March, the formula has left, miss of success. Yes, Sunday, the people have not attracted to the fact that they did not come normally.

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"The number of national visitors who first came to the Louvre for the first time were to undergo this free Sunday, while visiting foreign visitors a lot, especially on the initiative of tourist agencies, benefit from this weapon effect, "says the Louvre. "The popular cats are not much more on Friday evenings: there are 16% of employers on free sunday", according to a barometer of public Louvre.

The museum will be prompted to be free to visit wings Denon and Sully. deRichelieu wing will be free, but accessible only by booking. In the heart of Oriental antiquity collections, various activities are offered to visitors. The year 2019 will be a test year, both on the choice of the timing and the supplementary animations. In # 31, Marian Downtown, in & # 39; The first night of January 5, a boarder-gourmet region and a read-out menu will be located between two sculptures. Brass orchestra, stories, sketch workshops, unexpected presentations of works, treasuries complete the discovery of collections by families.

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