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The advantages of a bioclimatic pergola: summer and winter


When we talk about outdoor facilities, the pergola is necessarily one of the essentials, especially if you have a terrace and want to enjoy it in every season. This is also the charming addition of the bioclimatic pergola: the ability to access your garden at any time thanks to this technology. We will tell you more about the benefits of the bioclimatic pergola and especially how you can choose it.

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What are the differences between classic pergolas and bioclimatic pergolas? What makes the bioclimatic pergola much more attractive compared to its counterpart is its ability to adapt to the weather forecast. In other words: behind the design hides the bioclimatic pergola features that you use the light and temperature.

At the top, the adjustable slats are in harmony with the environment and weather conditions:

  • they protect you against soleil in the case that warm weather ;
  • they adjust the light according to the solar exposure;
  • they tend to close the roof and give you shelter when it rains;
  • op winter, you can open these slats to take advantage of maximum sunshine inside.

A classic pergola, on the other hand, serves only as a shelter (to protect itself from the sun as well as to prevent the rain on the terrace), but without flexibility.

Unlike the parasol, a bioclimatic pergola is an installation fixed who does not suffer the limits of exhaust valve and which presumably will not deteriorate over time. And compared to verandas, it is a less expensive and less impressive arrangement. The pergola remains an open shelter that does not contain side walls. You are therefore completely free to arrange this space as you see fit.

How to choose your bioclimatic pergola?

The market for Outdoor facilities is expanded. And for good reason, after months of confinement, many homeowners with gardens as well as terraces want to further develop these precious spaces for their well-being and comfort at home.

You have the option to choose a model that can be mounted on the wall. The main advantage is that you Terrace under pergola becomes a real extension of your living rooms. And in this configuration, the bioclimatic pergola makes perfect sense, because you can choose to adjust the orientation of the slats according to the brightness that you want to have in your house. In a good way around the indoor temperature in the summer!

Otherwise, you can opt for a self-supporting pergola that can then be installed in the most convenient place for you garden. It is ideal for creating a separate relaxation area: a table to welcome your loved ones outside in the summer, an outdoor lounge in the winter around theloft in atmosphere sociable …

What if you are afraid of making the wrong choice?

You have to see it to believe it, right? With the Alsol community service, for example, satisfied customers become “ambassadors” and offer people looking for a pergola to see even the facilities at home.

To do this, simply access the interactive map with which you can see where the ambassadors are at your home. Once the first contact is made, the ambassadors will welcome you into their home to show you the bioclimatic pergolas they have installed. Ask your questions, recommend the product, to better project yourself in your purchase … This connection between customers and future customers is a great way to help you make a definite choice on the model that interests you!

Article written in collaboration with Alsol teams

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