Saturday , May 28 2022

Thales regrets the RISC-V foundation to participate in the securities of open source publications


First of all, the publication of this information on the Thales site

Je me cantonnerai uniquely embarrassed systems.

1) It seems that this is a very positive message for the RISC-V foundation and it is the fact that it will allow other companies to participate in the effort to share knowledge and focus on financially participating developments qu'elles utilisent. In effect, it is a statement of the practice of certain companies (all sizes) that utilize the open source developments in commercial solutions without having to comply with the requirements of the spontaneous spending licenses. Ceci étant, je trouve qu'il y a été enormément d'efforts de sa 10 desnières années.
Note: Thales will be happy with the CII qu'en 2017, which is the decline of the past. However, there are no lessons in the genectoproject while reading "embarquasin Linux" …

2) The number of people perplexes the use of the expression "Fort their expertise in security and sophistication of the embarrassing critique system" in the articles: there is no doubt. Mais ce n'est pas l'image que je perçois: je ne vous aucun aucun public document, aucun article en partage qui me le prouve.
The preference of the image produced by TI is sharing the knowledge about security in the embarrassing systems on their site. Ailleurs, je vous recommande chaudement leur eBook "Building your application with security in mind" which is a good point of entry for this topic. If you have any questions about the topic "Safe in the Embarrassed Systèmes," you think you will not miss the only one! 🙂

The fact that Thales meets the same, the part of the good practice is part of the management of the projects, and the more is still more than that's open source!

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