Tuesday , January 18 2022

Ryan won the fight against Donald Trump!


The Central American election was held in the US on Tuesday, November 6, and as Obama was opposed to Trump, more and more public figures appeared on the political level.

At first there was a debate about "Bromos" between Donald Trump and Kanye West, and there was a lot of rebellion against the example in accordance with the reconciliation with the current President of the United States. United States of America. Among them are Carter, Snoop Dogg's opposition.

Others insist on the importance of voting like the Black Eyed Peas and clip the "Yes or No" where the Trump phenomenon is clearly mocked. Barbrian singer Rihanna is the same for Donald Trump and the people who are dedicated to voting for Instagram accounts.

She refused to broadcast her voice at the president's event and banned the artist's use of music by formulating a court's rejection of a legitimate victory over Trump. All events, including campaigns …

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