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Roosevelt construction business: businessman and entrepreneur Yérim SOW on trial against heirs of late Guinean billionaire Sekou Souaré

XALIMANEWS-The case of the takeover of a building on the Boulevard Roosevelt begins its flood of intrigue and not to say. A real monster with a lot of heads. A legal dispute between Senegalese businessman Yerim SOW and the heirs of the late Guinean billionaire Sekou SOUARÉ. The latter intend not to give up and swear their hands on the heart to get back the building that was taken over by the boss of the Teyliom group.

The amount of the takeover issued after an auction is 1 billion 200 million CFA francs. Proceeds from this sale were deposited in the accounts of the CDC (Caisse des Dépôts et de Consignation). The affair finally spread, after a long and well-researched investigation by our colleagues into African issues, assessed by Confidential Africa.

Several people are facing this tortuous dispute that has its source in the aftermath of the death of the Guinean billionaire, Sekou SOUARÉ, famous holder of real estate property number 6. The extremely wealthy Guinean businessman, living between Dakar, Conakry, Abidjan and Paris, They are mainly the heirs of the late Sekou Souaré, a Guinean patriarch who made his fortune in the gold trade and in real estate transactions, Mr. Akram Nehmé, a broker-veil maker of the Senegalese-Lebanese nationality , member of the influential NEHMÉ industrial family, based in Senegal. The latter has not been found for several years, according to judicial sources. Would he be abroad?

A large hot potato for the Thiès Court of Appeal
According to our colleague Enjeux Africains, the judge of the Accelerated Procedures Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Dakar has since June 14, 2021, postponed the decision that he should take in the dispute between the heirs of the deceased. Guinean billionaire to Yérim Sow, new buyer of the building under TF N ° 3161 / DG with an area of ​​1090 m2 and who has started an eviction procedure against her and all residents who now have no titles or rights. They are not the only ones in this legal case, which is punctuated and marked by many twists and turns and involving various actors.

How did the real estate locksmith Akram NEHMÉ come into possession of six “Land Titles” supporting a debt in the amount of 150,000,000 without witnesses? Did he benefit from long arms in the Senegalese judicial establishment, the heirs of the late Guinean billionaire ask?

At the time, at the time of the transactions, Akram NEHME had secured the services of a renowned lawyer, Me Mayacine Tounkara. It is the latest to be cited in intelligence action with his client NEHME in the file and was at the origin of the transaction with Senegalese entrepreneur Yerîm SOW to effect the building’s auction by the CEO of ‘ the Teyliom group.

All eyes are now on the trial, whose verdict is awaited and which opens tomorrow Thursday at the Appeal Court of Thiès (a city located 70 km from the Senegalese capital, DAKAR).

Source: Confidential Africa

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