Wednesday , May 12 2021

Request file: Karim seeks his identity card

The Pds is in all of its states. While Tuesday's presidential candidates begin this Tuesday, Karim Wade does not yet have a biometric identity card, one of the pieces to offer. The steering committee denies the refusal of the Interior Minister Wade-fils to expel his card and sees a desire to avoid his candidacy.

After he has finished his depot, Karim Wade launched his web platform to "collectively hundreds of thousands of supporters of senegalese citizens to collectively" his candidate. It is also when the attention of his criminal record is removed, saying that Seydou Guèye "does not feel guilty" on the basis of his condemnation by the Crei, that the candidate of 'pds is confronted with a "fermist piece ". Article 116 of the election of # the election list under the documents that the candidate should announce "a legally licensed copy of a biocreatic identity card Cedeao means as campaign of # vendors. The Pds, he has no one yet. "As a Senegalese Democratic Party candidate Karim Meïssa Wade asked for a session of more than seven months for Cedeao biometric ID card, Macky Sall, by his headman, international minister Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, rejects the Case Identity Card that he confiscated than those of senegalese millions, "said an explanation of the" Steering Group "that states" unacceptable. "Oumar Sarr states that Wade's son," by post of one of his advocates 4 December 2018, the Minister of the Interior immediately gives his identity identity document or that he means the reasons why administering him to violate this fundamental right of every citizen. "And he remains:" On December 5, the Minister of the Interior Indian Sake n Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, connected to the telephone, so that Karim Wade is strengthened in their true situation to view the appropriate measures, arrogant and sly-tone, made Witte that Karim Wade does not have a right to a biometric national identity card from Cedeao. "
And the Deputy General Secretary of the PPS and his "brothers" believe that "the only purpose of this maneuver is to prevent their" candidate ", in time a complete file for the Constitutional Council Start of December 11th ". As a result, "While many international port and high authority of the United Nations consider the judgment of" Crei unjustly and therefore validate the admissibility of its candidate for the 2019 presidential election ". But the Liberals are no military weapons because they announce Karim Wade Monday, with the help of guilt, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has at least had a duplicate of its biometric identity card that he will use his application to ' the great satisfaction of Senegalese senior executives sponsored him. "
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