Saturday , October 16 2021

PSG PSG – PSG: Neymar, Mbappé, the message of Daniel Alves

PSG: Neymar, Mbappé, the message of Daniel Alves

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Blessing both of them with their selection in a week, Neymar and Mbappé are attending the coup d'état in Liverpool on Wednesday.

This is the match of the first part of the season for Paris Saint-Germain, which can not be the result of a negative down payment due to the recent defeat at Champions League. The two talented offensive Americans have been worried about the pressure, since their association is likely to be considered as one of the world's more promising promises. Un avis partagé par Daniel Alves, persuadé que Kylian Mbappé can dominate the global football world, but only he can listen to and learn about Neymar, which is now the day of his life.

« The cirque that Neymar and Mbappé have different profiles. Much has become a legendary football history but the Neymar crois has since reached its highest level. Much has occurred in this process to arrive. Mais je crois que si Mbappé est intelligent, ce qu'il est, il ne perdra pas l'opportunité d'aprendre de Neymar. According to Neymar, many have learned much about Messi. This is a learning experience, a sequence "Daniel Alves confesses a goal. One way the rapporter says, if the PSG needs its two stars, the two players have the same interest in collaboration and simultaneous recruitment.

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