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Prix ​​Urgent (Gr.III): One occasion or full of charm


Prix ​​Urgent (Gr.III): One occasion or full of charm

Full Of Charm

Réservé aux chevaux n'ayant
Only $ 145,000 will be charged, the Urgent Price excluding the benefits of the laundry
génération que sont Feeling Cash, Ferreteria et autre Fado du Chêne, and laisse
La voie libre aux «seconds rôles». Sense is not worth the price
les cracks, Full of Charm dispose of an engagement in or, face to one
peloton famélique.

Rev. Quatrième du Prix Louis Tillaye (group III) sur le
even race, it is not necessary to update this day at his own level that
Competitive precautions, all of which make sense to retain their part, Eric
Raffin. Visiblely difficult to use on a ride, it has already been done
The sixth day of its two previous victories, unfortunately, is not
conséquence. A new one, his jockey will devour the grain, but it will
It's clair of paper, the charms of Texas Charm is a favorite logic, the like
The low number of parts will show the avantager.

Secondary Full of Charm for the first few minutes, on the 31st of October, on this road, Fix it a
giving full satisfaction to the entourage that continues to exist in the same way,
It's a great addition to the Franck Nivard ridge. S'il
This is the case with the greatest rising team, it's like the rivals the more serious

Quasiment also richer que
Full of Charm, Forbes Délo It's a brilliant impression on the small piste
March-October, but in the last place, in the Louis Tillaye Prix. Bien qu'il
possesses a paper of a chance chance théorique in a lot, on note that
n'a jamais réussi sur la grande piste …

Absolute absolute absolute
From this time, it will start competing in printemps, Fuego de Houelle up
catégorie jeudi et tentera de benefiter de la moindre défaillance.

Even though they seem to be barrels
For the sake of multiple deliveries that have recently been devoted, Fiji
ne doit pas considérée as a non-chance. Elle has to offer her aptitude
the great piste and visera un lot.

France Brazil s'est frottée
to meet the Saint-Léger des Trotteurs, then in the Prix d'Essai
(cinquième), but there are two disqualifications, which are the guys in the

Quant à , elle a
Reportedly, the only way out was that it was in Enghien, it would be fair
ses preuves in a catégorie also relevant.

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