Wednesday , June 7 2023

President 2019: What civil society should do to prevent election violence


The Civil Society Alliance (COSC) decided to meet with pilgrims' staff to raise awareness of the consequences of the violence.

In the face of prevailing fears in the African continent, violent demonstrations of the population, on each and every presidential day, she announced her intention to meet these populations to inform citizens of their rights. And to wake them up about the obligations during the election period and the potential consequences of electoral violence. "
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Babacar Gueye, President of Cosc, listened to them at the launching of the Magistrate's Program for the 2019 election.
The event was used by Usaid to provide a lot of material to the Senegalese court. These include the Appeals Court of St. Louis, Appeal Court of Thies, President Henry Grégoire Diop and Chérif Sidou Cissé, respectively.

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