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Portrait of the 5 presidential candidates of 2019 •

A few hours before the ruling of a constitutional council for the definitive award of candidates, Rewmi Quotidien signs the robotic portrait of & # 39; 5 candidates will not participate in the upcoming presidential elections. They are Macky Sall, Ousmane Sonko, Idrissa Seck, El Hadj Issa Sall and Madické Niang. If we choose these 5 candidates, it's back to us, from reliable sources, that these 5 applications are repeated by the 7 wise men. And that the candidates of Khalifa Sall and Karim Wade are rejected.

Macky Sall looking for a second term

Macky Sall is a Senegalese statesman, born on December 11, 1961 in Fatick, president of the Republic of Senegal since 2012. In a family of six children, Macky Sall is included in & # 39; region of Fatick in & # 39; a Fouta Toro by his father, Amadou Abdoul Sall, worker in public service, then waiting, and his mother, Coumba Thimbo, peanut seller. Macky Sall asked the Maoists at Kaolack High School, through his brother-in-law, and then at his studies at the Dakar Faculty, in & # 39; a Marxist-Leninist movement, And-Jef, of Landing Savané. He moves away quickly, disagrees with the idea of ​​"No Movement," or the Strategy Savané Boycott of & # 39; the election in 1983 against the PS, there he voted for the liberal Abdoulaye Wade. He is a member of & # 39; end of & # 39; a years & 80's of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) didn't take that place. In 1998 he was general secretary of the Fatick Regional Regional PDS Convention since 1998 and chairman of the Initiatives and Strategic Unit. He is named Minister of Mines, Energy and Hydraulics, Minister of State, Minister of the Interior and Local Interest, Prime Minister who, until June 19, 2007, holds the long term of Wade's prime. He will be elected president of the National Assembly in 2007 before the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) on November 9, 2008. The same year he made his party, April. Candidate of the "Macky 2012" coalition he won the 2012 presidential elections, the 4e President of Senegal.

Idrissa Seck, the again

Idrissa Seck is a Senegalese statesman, born August 9, 1959 in Thies, former prime minister, former mayor of Thies and current chairman of the Thies Municipal Council. After studying at the Koranic school, Idrissa Seck started at the Randoulène Sud 2 school in Thiès where he completed his primary school and then Saint-Gabriel's school in Thiès for his secondary education , who graduated with a Bachelor's degree in 1981 (after a He falls in 1980. Fellow gave him in a preparatory school at the School Higher Commercial Studies of Paris (HEC) throughout the Marcelin-Berthelot school of Saint-Maur-des-Fosses in France and in 1983, Sciences Po, in part "Economics and Finance of the University of Princeton where he is a student at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs" and international affairs. "Idrissa Seck, long regarded as president of Wade & # 39; s dolphin, is set up on July 23, 2005 in the Central Prison in Dakar. Idrissa began using seck in & # 39; a decision and discovered on February 7, 2006, after 199 days in prison On April 4, 2006, seck gave his candidate for election to announce presidential election in 2007 and calls for the creation of a broad coalition to end his Wade regime. He is the leader of the party of Rewmi. On January 22, 2007, he returned to the Senegalese Democratic Party. Seck has second second with 14.86% of the vote, in & # 39; a first turn, behind Abdoulaye Wade (55.90%). Idrissa Seck under the banner of her political party Rewmi runs for the 2012 elections. After the first round, Idrissa Seck gets 7%. Today, Senegal's political configuration makes Idrissa Seck the leader of & # 39; e candidates from Khalifa Sall and Karim Wade.

Ousmane Sonko, the victory of his boss

Ousmane Sonko is a Senegalese politician who was born on July 15, 1974 in Thiès. He is the president of a PASTEF party and has been a member since July 2017. He grew up mainly in Casamance and then graduated at the Gaston-Berger University of Saint-Louis, where he earned a Master's degree in 19991 in & # 39; got a public right. as head of one of national government schools. After leaving the INA in 2001, he joined Pikine's Tax Services Center. Three years later he made the Syndicat Autonomous of the Agents des Impôts et Domaines, where he was the first secretary-general from April 2005 to June 2012, he was the first secretary-general of June 2012 to August 20162 worth it. During this time he began to get the government and accused the state of fiscal and budget anomalies by challenging president Macky Sall. Then, in August 2016, he was removed from General's Taxes and Domains Inspection for lack of plastic back-up. President of the Political Party Pastef joined 2014 in & # 39; a National Senegal meeting in 2017's parliamentary elections. In January 2018 he published the book Oil and Gas in Senegal. Chronicle of a coincidence where he accused the president and his abusive attack on the natural resources of the country. In September 2018, he published a programmatic book, Solutions, where he gave a diagnosis of Senegal's social and economic problems, collapsing his offers.

The pur of Issa Sall, a very organized party

The Party of Unity and Rally (PUR) is a Senegal political party, the national coordinator being El Hadji Issa Sall, director of the University of Sahel. The party was officially established in 1998. Purity and Principles The accurate PUR stands for Unity and Rally. It is a political party that was made in Dakar on February 3, 1998, in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements of Senegal. The slogan of a Party is "truth." The motto is "Justice – Development – Solidarity". This slogan and motto is based on the principles of an ideal of social justice and national solidarity. PUR works on a proper and thriving society that is supported by integral and integral development. This vision is part of a logic of the association of all social treasures and brings all the military forces of & # 39; to combine a nation for the advent of a senegalese society built on respect for their values ​​and culture.

Madické Niang, the consensus man

Madické Niang, born in Saint Louis on September 25, 1953, is a Senegalese lawyer and politician. Minister of Justice in various regions, he is Foreign Affairs Minister between October 1, 2009 and April 3, 2012. At the end of the entire Charles de Gaulle school of St. Louis, arrives in & # 39; a right-handed & & 39; a University of Dakar, before being locked out for repeated strips. He fled to Abidjan to destroy himself and intellectual health and university curriculum, and to return with his gratitude, deciding to take a private lawyer's path. Madické Niang awarded the Dakar Bar and honored the interests of the Senegalese Sugar Company (CSS) among well-known customers. But his hours of glory, he will know them with whoever becomes his mentor and friend he will join: Master Abdoulaye Wade, turbulent opponent of Senghor and Abdou Diouf, continually defends him and protects in hunting of which the power of Diouf he does not stop him from solving. The case of Master Babacar Seye's association, where Wade's opponent is included, deserves an international dimension. He is a solid march, even at the caricature point, and has been moved lately, when he shared his role as official Missi Dominici between the liberal power of Me Wade and Touba, the capital of Moridism. He is of all negotiations between Dakar and Touba. With the compromised candidate of Karim, Madické eventually announced his candidate for the presidential election of February 2019. In his entourage there, when presenting his candidate as "alternative", the announcement of the appearance of dribble political master takes on & # 39 ; a against a single knight by Karim Wade into a PDS at the edge of implosion.

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