Wednesday , May 12 2021

Podor: La Cojer refers to ADD's "factionalism" approach •

In General Meeting held in & # 39; the municipalities Ndioum the young leaders of the neighborhood up to the record, with the latest energy the behavior of certain politicians in # 39; e apr.

Especially those of Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo, they are doing partitioned divisions in a party at the level of the Podor Division. They say that they do not understand the fact that these latest agreements regarding meetings and other political meetings over the place in the department, without consulting with other officials.

According to Amadou Ndiaye, co-ordinator of Ndioum Cojer, the unanimity of # 39; the Ministry of Unity in the & quot; lines of & quot; e APA in the department depicted. He is accused of organizing a meeting of former liberal leader Amadou Kane Diallo, which has been filed Monday in & # 39; the fever of Dr. Sheikh Oumar Anne, without the latest or his advice being informed.

For Ndioum's youth leaders, the attitude of the former Interior Minister is just unacceptable and even limits the provocation.

In addition, Ndioum Cojer could kill the Cheikh Oumar Anne for all actions he led, at the top of the new dynamics of # 39; the APA, to bring all the parties into the Podor branch.

RPA youth from the neighborhood also requested the Director General of Coud and his team, that's a good result in # 39; Sponsoring campaign was awarded to Macky Sall candidate. They have collected more than 52,000 signatures.

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