Monday , May 17 2021

Pécresse tells good news for the passport

It is a very difficult topic for residents of Île-de-France. The price of Navigo passwhat it can afford on the public transport network of the region, will crystallize the anger of # 39; users and elevates. mar 2019 should not have a bad surprise for the Parisians.

That was Valérie Pécresse Sunday, December 9th. The President of the Ile-de-France region told Paris that the rates between 2018 and 2019 remain stable.

"We have 8 million employees who take public transportation every day. For them, I decided that we did not increase the Navigo-pas or the Imagin® R-pas (for the students) for the second year, "the woman said. Also, the President of the Appeal is Ile-de-France (STIF).

The month Navigo passport fee costs 75.20 euros. Free of this rate is chosen on Wednesday in the study of the budget of Ile-de-France Mobilités. Valérie Pécresse also looks at this crisis in response to the "yellow poems" crisis, the "demand of skill" and "the motion of movement".

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