Wednesday , June 16 2021

Paris wants to integrate Renault and Nissan into a holding company-Nikkei

TOKYO, January 20 (Reuters) – The delegation is out
Renault's representatives and the French state have handed them over
Japan says Tokyo wants to move Paris further
the integration of Renault and Nissan into
new structure included by holding company, reports Sunday
the Nikkei agency ship.

According to Nikkei, the French delegation also said
that she named Carlos Ghosn's successor
President of Nissan.

No comments could get in a direct future
from a Japanese car manufacturer.

A source told Reuters on Thursday that Emmanuel Moulin,
Chief of Staff to the French Minister of Economy and
Finance Bruno Le Maire, and Martin Vial, director of
Renault, also to see Tokyo candidates
potency to include Carlos Ghosn as the leader of a group

Story about a possible appointment of Jean-Dominique
Mr Senard, president of Michelin, succeeds Carlos Ghosn
Renault's head, Bruno Le Maire behind
the board's prejudices.

But "the local actors will decide," the minister says
in an interview in the Journal of Dimanche, note of it
"recognized competence" by Jean-Dominique Senard.

Carlos Ghosn, who's still the official director
Renault, since November 19, has invaded. It was
because of three judgments for miners
allowances and equipment recovered Nissan losses
personal investments. He believes you look.
(Takashi Umekawa, Jean Terzian for French service)

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