Wednesday , October 20 2021

No social plan for preparation in France, an "action plan" in Germany


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Vallourec "affirms work on a definition of an action plan to strengthen the competitiveness (of) activities in the country.

Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

The group responded to news from the magazine challenges, It had previously been said on Tuesday that Vallourec launched a "big social plan" in France and Germany for 2019. Vallourec "Formulates the information for making a large-scale social plan for France", Vallourec said in a statement. The group added that the current plan on 'kesselworkshop on & # 39; the site of Saint-Saulve (north) to & # 39; The end of December 2018 will be completed.

In view of Germany, Vallourec "Strengthens work to determine an action plan to strengthen the competitiveness (of) activities" in the country. This plan will be submitted "when the time comes" to consult and negotiate an agreement with the Union, said the group. challenges said without a source that a social plan was set up for 1,800 jobs in three French locations and the side of Dusseldorf in Germany. For the removal of Vallourec, the president of Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand (formerly LR), asked the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire,Sir, the State is a shareholder of @Vallourec via @Bpifrance: we immediately ask ".

Bruno Le Maire replied: "I'm just so busy on the job as you are! @Vallourec has refused this information that there is no speech to disperse it, in all our regions that I fight for our business, let's choose us together! " on his Twitter account. Fraud by AFP, Jorge Da Costa, CFDT delegation, was "very surprised" at the announcement of the article of challenges This "really worried" about France. He took the science of Vallourec 's apprehension that he thinks & # 39; and said he remains "reliable". Mr. Da Costa also said he had received power that there was no number "nothing in preparation for France". According to him, the association associations see "very regularly the direction ".

The S & P's rating agency has launched Monday, November 26th Vallourec, in speculative category, B to B, by a gross operating surplus (Ebitda) under expectations. The rating agency specifies that "the most important weakness of Vallourec came from her high cost, especially her active in Europe ", It leads to lower profitability than that of its competitors. On Tuesday, November 27th, Vallourec stated in a statement that his liquidity situation was "solid".

The group indicated that the 2019, "Continuing growth of their business for oil and gas companies" and purpose "Important new cost savings". On the Parisian School won the Vallourec share Wednesday, November 28 at 1.94% to 2.224 euros, on a market in equilibrium. The group reported a reduction in its net loss in the third quarter to mid-November, up to 119 million a year earlier. In the first nine months, the net loss was 399 million euros, compared to 373 million last year.


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