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National 1 (J13): Dunkirk brought Lyon-Duxer and Chambery to the podium.


Despite Lille's many shots, Lille could not do better than draw at Strasbourg reception on Friday night. Dogues was not inspired by the offensive level, but Racing has extended the series to perfection.


After defeating last week at Parc des Princes, Lille's goal was to restart the machine at the Strasbourg reception. Because there were no Kenirara and Lionel Carroll, the racing team had a subtle evening in 33% of the ball (and only one suit), but Thierry Lori's men were the point of this trip to Stade Pierre-Mauroy. In fact, despite many shots (22), Dogues could not find the opening for Stefan Mitrovic, a 3-5-2 team member. When Nicolas Pépé was not inspired, Christophe Galtier's troops did not find a solution to blow the Alsacian lock. Mats Sels is saved by Pablo Martinez at the end of the meeting (93eme). If you play seven consecutive matches without a slight defeat, all the matches are combined and Strasbourg guarantees the necessary supplies for the competition. Lille temporarily ranks second in the rankings, but this profits make regret clear. Jonathan Bamba's teammates are definitely free when visitors are at defensive levels.

A movie of a match

3 minutes
Pepe entered the Strasbourg area on the right side and was fortunate with his left foot flat. But this attempt did not find Cells' goal. This is at 6 meters. In a favorable position, former Angevin missed his chance.

12 minutes
After moving the chest of Rui Fonte, J.Bamba tests his luck on the left side of the racing face. The right foot shot was pushed back by salt by two fists.

29 minutes
After Ikone's left foot attack, Salt pushed as far as he could. The Belgian goalkeeper was hampered by a rebound, but Mitrovic intervened to remove the danger in front of Soumaoro.

33 minutes
Overflow On the right side, Selic sends the center again for J.Bamba. At the surface edge of Racing, former Stephanois immediately resumed his right foot. His shot was missed by Mitrovic, and the ball ended right beside the right post of salt.

45 minutes
Perfectly moving to Ikoné, Pepe takes his chances near the surface of the race. However, the left-footed shot was not solved and exceeded Cells' goal.

67 minutes
Racing counterattack. From left to right, Mothiba takes his chances in the area. However, Maignan is alert to cross shots of former teammates.

74 minutes
J.Bamba overflows from the right side and returns to the center. Although Pepe slipped to the surface of Racing, the ball arrived at the Xeka, which fired from a flat right foot, but Sels realized the XXL parade. Strasbourg goalkeeper saves the camp with his left foot.

75 minutes
On the right side, very surprisingly, Celik is handling the new center in the far post in the direction of Ballo-Toure, but his cross-shot left foot does not find Sels's goal.

93 minutes
After Sels's bad exit limit, Leao is close to releasing a small dive ball score, but P. Martinez intervenes Extreme Saving in front of the goal line.

93 minutes
J. Ponte got a penalty after the corner, but his recovery was reversed by Cels. The Belgian goalkeeper went perfectly to his left.

Tops and slippers


Lamine Koné and Pablo Martinez, MITROVIC In the defense of Gyeongju, I performed the role perfectly. A rustic and efficient former player of La Gantoise saved the boss of several hot situations.

Throughout the evening, salts We provided the best service. Last summer, Newcastle United was recruited to a 4 million euro and announced the suspension of the strike against Xeka.

While there was not much positive about the aggressive delivery of Los Angeles, Selic. In most cases there was a climb of Turkish International on the right.

Flop 3

It was obviously not great. PEPE (Angevin) got the chance (3rd, 19th, 45th), but success was not a rendezvous. As a symbol of his difficulties, Lil 's striker lost 30 balls.

Headed with Lebo Mothiba, ZOHI This Friday night was especially cautious. South Africa took the opportunity in the second half but the number 20 was transparent.

Corgnet He did not spare his punishment on Lil 's lawn. There were several balloons, but his garbage was so important. With 36% of successful passes, ex-Dijon and St. Etienne lost despite his good will.

Judgment to Report

It's a game without incident.

Match sheet

L1 (J13) / Lille-Strasbourg: 0-0

Stade Pierre-Mauroy (27,544 spectators)
Soft weather (closed roof) – Correct grass
Referee : M.Thual (6)
goal : none

warning : Aaneba (68) and Mothiba (83) for Strasbourg

expulsion : none
Maignan (5) – Steel (6), J. Ponte5), Soumaoro (Cape) (5), Ballo-Touré (5) – Xeka (5), Thiago Mendes (5) Next Soumaré (No. 86) – Pépé (4), Ikone (5) Leao (59th place), J.Bamba (5) – R. Ponte4) L.Araujo (70th place)

I did not participate. : Jakubech (g), Dabila, Foot, Thiago Maia
coach : C. Galtier

Salt ((7)) – Aneba (5), L.Koné (5), Mitrovic (hat)6), P. Martinez (5), Liénard (5) – J. Martin (5), I.Sissoko (5) – Corgnet (4) Next Y.Fofana (93rd) – Mothiba (4) Next Da Costa (85th place), Joe (3) Thomasson (76th place)

I did not participate. : B. Camara (g), Painting, Tamba, Zemje
coach : T.Laurey

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