Tuesday , June 6 2023

"My faith has always existed and it evolves with me"


He has been living in the US for six years, but he is one of France's favorite figures. Wednesday Canal + will donate a documentary to Omar Sy in Los Angeles that will continue his daily life. In this case, JDD, Sunday. An opportunity to deal with the difference between his country of origin and his adopted lands.

Believers appear as "foolish people." "In the United States, religion is rooted in society," said Muslim Omar Sy. "Regardless of religion, it is more complicated in France where believers are stupid, and I rarely exaggerate," says the actor. "My faith always existed, and it evolved with me, bringing me a form of calm and allowing me to smile."

Is this one of the reasons why Omar Sy on the other side of the Atlantic never returned? "I have made little plans in my life, and none of them have done any more because I have not worked, I live, I will see," he said. Sunday newspaper. "I can not find myself, I am big, in the streets with my children, I am only a father."

"I am better at doing things than talking." Asked about the "exceptional" nature of his French black career, Omar Sy said, "There is a battle for us all to fight." I can play. knock, In Lorraine Lévy's film, but it was not accepted naturally. It is not completely won to me either.

"I like work more than talking because I'm going to play Arsene Le Phine in a series for Netflix, I have to be a bit stubborn," the actor continues. As for the controversy against Eric Zemmour at times: "I do not want to pronounce his name, I do not have any doubts about how it worked, running into his game and running a small business."

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