Thursday , June 17 2021

MSC Cruises / Global Ports Holding Consortium represented State Shares at Goulette Shipping Cruise

(Agence Ecofin) – Al Karama Holding, the company expecting companies from & # 39; a Tunisia from & # 39; a Tunisia from the president of former president Ben Ali, proclaimed in a statement of 18 January that the consortium consists of MSC Cruises and Global Ports Holding (GPH) made an offer to buysatisfying99.98% of & # 39; s state a state in Goulette Shipping Cruise (GSC), a concession company for a cruise terminal.

"All Karama Holding received an offer from a prestigious consortium of MSC Cruises, an internationally renowned and very active sledge runner in the Mediterranean, and Global Ports Holding (GPH), a cruise port manager with more than ten Mediterranean ports and a leader consortium, for a sum of 37.8 million dinars (about $ 13 million), a valuation that is not merely a confusion of crisis-making activity, but also an advance of an important rate of traffic of tourist cyclists on the Tunisia website, in the cessation of activities since the terrorist attacks of Bardo", Said the maintenance in their statement.

"The amount postponed by the GPH / MSC consortium for taking over public assets in GSC's capital is clearly satisfactory if the valuations determined for this type of operation.She's added.

Empowered by African Partners Bank (CAP Bank) capital, the process of selling almost 100% of GSC's capital starts in June 2018 with the start of Al Karama Holding's call for interest of interest ended the technical pre-qualification of two candidates: Carnival Corporation and the MSC Cruises / GPH consortium.

Based on Sakhr El Materi, son of former president Ben Ali, since 2007, Goulette Shipping Cruise has a power terminal from a La Goulette port (suburbs of Tunis) under a BOT contract (building, operating and transfer) for a duration of 30 years.

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