Friday , April 23 2021

Mermoz: Quatre Jeunes «Khalifistes» Cueillis Par La DIC

You can read more about "karimistes", interlaced with the name of the president of the dance hall, where you will find the home of the mosque, which is the home of the Khalifa SALL in font reads by politique tendu.

Selon Moussa TAYE, consecutive policeman of Khalifa Sall, quatre jeunes "khalifistes" is interpellés dance la soirée dhier lundi et ce mardi matin. "I have been intermittent in Mermoz and conduits to directors of investigative criminals (DICs)", informing, even in the case of criminal offenses.

Assimilant procedure for kidnapping, responsive policy on the basis of the best case for the freiner teacher training. Suffisant for qu'il apples autres camarades à la prudence.

Avec Walfnet

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