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May 15, 2018 – May 15, 2019: Fallou scene and his family still have no right to justice

It was filmed in the morning of Wednesday, May 15, 2018, a young student named Mouhamed Fallou Sene falls under a spell into awe-inspiring sittings in & # 39; a university campus of & # 39; UGB. His camps wanted to miss their way in one of the restaurants to eat free. The reason is the loss by the authorities in the payment of their points.

In the same week, hearings were performed on & # 39; A supreme court of Saint-Louis Ibrahima Ndoye, the study completed and the file sent to the public announcement to a court Hors Classe Dakar Serigne Bassirou Gueye.

On the day of the tragedy, Augustin Tine's government minister was already given a clear indication of & # 39; an identity of weapons. "The commander of operation, who was around, felt that his men were in danger. And a reaction was and a young student of Mohamed Fallou Sene died," he said on the same day & # 39; he left the hospital had St. Louis region where he went to inquire about the state of being injured in & # 39; e conflict at Gaston Berger University.

Minister of Justice Ismaila Madior Fall worries that the study was completed the same week and that the law would be applied in all its strictness. "If the lawyer has made a lot of publicity, the research will be sadly the end of a week. The responsibilities will lie and the law will be applied in all its severity," he said.

For his part, the president of a republic got clear instructions for the responsibilities to lie that justice is so easily done.

Meanwhile, the identity of the shooter itself was issued by the national press. The newspaper Libération in the delivery of Wednesday, May 23, 2018 is clear that & # 39; the weapon in question is the head of & nbsp; unit that & # 39; t go to & # 39; A University of Gaston Berger (UGB) has been sent on duty by the Rector who's not the commander of Gendarmerie Brigade St. Louis asked the students the day before they had to do "nguenté toubab" (free food) ". Radio Zik Fm went on to call Lieutenant Sané

One year later, the students of Gaston Berger University, due to the coordination of the Etudiants de Saint-Louis, are still entirely the translation of & # 39; e silver for the courts. They sent their slogan of incomprehensible strike, following the failure of their center in Dakar, that they decided to abandon the fight to the decision of state to raise the bads and the prices of catering tickets.

And if they murder their camps of Ugb, Tuesday, June 26, 2018, Ucad students even played a friendly game with the powers of the Dakar Sacré-Coeur Complex, initiated by the Minister of Education. Interior, Aly Ngouille Ndiaye and after a fictional step you have her contract of Higher Education Mary Teuw Niane. Both straightforward are the demands of Sanar students, who request their design.

The president of a Saint-Louis Student Coordination (Cesl) from & # 39; a day, Antoine Mapal Sambou and his camps had opted for a change in & # 39; s strategy; a fight. They returned on Monday 25 June in amphitheater, declaring that they were fighting for the hatred of & # 39; The main silver responsible for the death of Fallou Sene (gendarmes, ministers) remains more relevant than ever. They will recover this Monday, May 14, 2019, certainly with a new action plan, after 365 days of total silence from a master of justice.

On July 2, by the efficiency of & # 39; drop in & # 39; To teach a food-to-eat meal, students who have not forgotten that they did this on their husband's life, fell on the UGB on May 15, declared Fallou Sene right.

Meanwhile, the Dakar President Serigne Bassirou Gueye, who even had to travel to Russia in the meantime, to support the "Lions" Teranga (at World Cup football), does not remain dead record of Pattar's student. He has all the elements in his hands and no one can just say why the Fallou Late shot has not been addressed yet. The head of law enforcement is deaf-mute for the problem that spell binding over the entire Senegal student association, which on August 14 is the fourth anniversary of & # 39; The death of one of his other martyrs, Bassirou Faye, was killed, also fallen, in conflict with the police in Dakar in 2014.

The family cloud reduces international rights

"There was no evaluation. The family is asking questions like the students. We do not feel justice and it is always this justice you know how & # 39; we can be funny, how & # 39; we can treasure each other, but whoever runs into a whole chameleon's entire run of other files, "said the lawyer. the family of the student Me Assane Dioma Ndiaye, on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at & # 39; a hills of & rfm.

The black money to warn: "This case is somehow explained". The black yoke to inform about the air bubbles that they have "had the opportunity to include the counsel of the judges in a constitutional complaint, but also that there are other extras national jurisdictions.

"Today's justice must feel uncomfortable to see that it does not meet the aspirations and expectations of a citizen, but also the right of the law itself," he runs.

The sad reality that all Senegalese are not equal to the law is the only lesson that can be delayed by this murder victim occurring on May 15, 2018 in a Gaston Berger university in Saint-Louis.

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