Thursday , August 11 2022

Mamadou Diop Decroix dismisses Macké Sall of Mbacké: "The unfortunate management of the current regime can be summarized …"


Mamadou Diop Decroix finished his six-day departmental trip to Mbacké this weekend at the conference weekend. He condemned the unfortunate administration of the regime.

The leader of "And Jef" / PADS called a dignitary of a Republican overly majestic country for this purpose and promised fierce authority to his last.

"It will be very difficult to make change unless we change the way we perceive things. We can not have a country with good governance at the same time without setting a good example of a leader who does not have lies, steals, corruption, or patriotism. "He insists.

To him, the failure of the government led to despair among the young canoes in search of the new El Dorado.

Mor Mbaye Cissé, Mbacké correspondent (

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