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Malia's Metrology Agency: The 2018 ACTIVITIES WINDS AND THE END COMB

The director general of the Malian Metrology Agency (AMAM), Lansina Togola, was on Thursday Thursday a press conference at the office of the bureau in Dialakorobougou. The conference focused on the activities of the year 2018 and to raise awareness and information about AMAM's mission. The speaker first gave the ambition to & # 39; the meaning of & # 39; metrology & # 39; (science of measurement and its applications).

In his presentation, he explained that AMAM works to promote the structure through local communication. Therefore, it has been sent to technical structures, economic actors whose measurement instruments and private metrology companies have information and awareness about mission missions. AMAM also holds various information and exchanges meetings with trade associations and associative associations of retailers, such as representatives of disadvantaged people living in Bamako and business areas.

Regarding media communication, two information and deliberate sketches were broadcast on a television on a number of occasions as news stories for starting & # 39; a start and end of control and control campaign. During these campaigns, Lansina Togola said the authors traveled the Bamako District, the various regions of Mali and the subsidiaries of & # 39; a CMDT in any company of metrological companies or companies that do not provide corrupt services. At this mission, 9423 measurement tools, all categories combined, were submitted to the representatives.

These include weighings and weights, volumetric measurements or hydrocarbons, gauges or tanker trucks, hydrocarbon storage tanks and medical blood pressure monitors. It originates from these control and metrological surveillance campaigns of this first year of AMAM, that the complete conclusion of most instruments is 87.61% compared to 12.39% of non-compliance.

According to the first person who deserves from AMAM, the rates of non-conformities, among others, can be at & # 39; The quality of the instrument, its use, the installation of the instrument or the lack of maintenance. The director is committed to consumer satisfaction. "We will not be driven.

We will continue to raise awareness, information and training of a large number of instrument makers, so that our goals can be realized, "he promised. In addition, AMAM has made a greener sticker for its greater transparency in its control activities to ensure conformity to give an instrument and control a red that the instrument is not in agreement.

According to the speaker, these figures are placed on their holders' surveys, leading consumers to the reliability of the company in & # 39; application of the measures. Lansina Togola stated that the AMAM is not in the mission of repression, but rather on the mission of industry consulting. But its major concern remains the removal of a large number of device makers to provide their devices for authentication. As a result, the lack of technical staff is added, the lack of means of travel and the disinfecting of operating funds.

Mohamed D. DIAWARA

L & # 39; Essor

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