Thursday , August 11 2022

Ligue 1: Mbour Petite Côte puts a bow on Teungueth FC.


The Mbour Petite Côte (MPC) team lost 1-0 to Teungueth Football Club (TFC) on Saturday. Senegal League Day 1 Day 2. The only goal of the match was Babacar Sene's opening goal.
Despite repeated attacks by Mbourois in front of the Rufisquois goal, the score remained as it was during the game at the Caroline-Faye stadium. In another match this Saturday, Dakar Sacré-Coeur defeated AS Douanes (1-0) and Generation Foot's Linguère Saint-Louis (3-2).

The results of this Saturday:

Household feet 3-2 Ringer
Mbour PC 0-1 Teungueth Fc
Dakar Sacred Heart 1-0 AS Douanres

Program (Sunday)
16 hours – Pikine v. Jaraaf – Stade Alassane Djigo
17 hours – Niary Tally vs Us Gorée – Mbao Municipal Stadium
17h – Casa Sports vs St. de Mbour – Aline Sitoé Diatta Stadium
17h – Ndiambour vs Sonacos – Alboury Stadium Ndiaye

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