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L'Expression – Le Quotidien – La Croissance en Hausse

La Croissance en hausse

The second semester – clients are ten days in Alger.

According to his or her orientation, "the leader of the high-risk companies and the major projects," it said, the "Cash" has succeeded in making the profit of the economic relocation to regulate a higher core growth in cattle March (9.6%). This result has been attributed to the convenience of concretising contrasts and avenues in the branches of exploitation and construction. This forecast is just a bit of a comparison in real life in 2017, indicating Thursday in Alger, the PG of this Sonatrach branch, Mme Wided Belhouchet. In the course of the year, the work is to work on the actions of the inscriptions in the 2017-2021 Plan, the pursuit, and the soulfulness. Since the second annual semi-annual, dedicated to «Corporate ventures, tenders and trends», Mr Belhouchet has stated in the press that this year's trend towards compassion and product assurance is a result of " slowdown of the project and investments in the field of construction, and a report on the economic situation of the country, which is based on the securities market in the March-March Strategy Market, at a price point of second quarter, La Meeting of Thursday in Alger is a summit of seminars that Cash Assurances organize annually for the benefit of its clients and economic operators, including its products and news offerings. The previous one was held in Nov. Nov. in Constantine, when the next one was held in Oran. La Cash, the rapporteur, is ranked "national national level in terms of business affairs" achieved with the construction segment, important cash portfolio. Specialty is dedicated in the hedging of petrol and electric hedge, Cash is a subsidiary of Sonatrach branch, which accounts for 82% of its shares, rests on the Ministry of Finance through the national surveillance, the CCR, and the Algérienne Compagnie d'assurance et de réassurance, la Caar.

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