Friday , July 30 2021

La Poste is 200 employees in Occitania in 2019

Post looks at factors! In Occitania, 200 functions are available in 2019, including 19 in Gard. All these jobs are fixed contracts. You can also apply if you are not interested in delivery to La Poste beginner to train them within the business. Click here to click here.

A varied prophecy

The factor factor has changed a lot in the past few years. "We have a decline in activity. In 2010, we distributed 18 billion items and by 2020 we will have 9 billion. That's half the time", says Olivier Felut, director of postal services in La Poste in Nimes.

15,500 parks per day in Gard

La Poste had to take the turn of the internet and online arrivals. Invoices now deliver lots of pearls: 15,500 a day in Gard average. They also have new missions to try the elderly as part of the scheme "Waiting for my parentsIf expected licensing deadlines are too high, La Poste may also take this exam.

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