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Koutiala Cultural Breeding Festival: Very beneficial initiative of a young farm

The capital of white gold, also called "Kuledianka" by traditional communications, will from April 15 to April 21, 2019 call the first edition of a Festival "Festival of Cultural and Artistic Brewing of Koutiala (Fecak). The announcement was made on last weekend at a press conference made it the official start of some of the most anticipated festivals by the local people and authorities of the right community in the & # 39; region, & Move the last territorial update.

The conference was moderated by Adama Konaté, General Director of Building Development and the main initiative of this festival. It was in the presence of & # 39; a musician Abdoulaye Diabaté, the repentant of the mayor and youth of Koutiala, president of the board of the college of Koutiala.

Knowing the beginning of this festival to a region of KoutiaLa, Adama Konaté has shown its constant love for its terroir that keeps it going.

The main objective of the Koutiala (Fecak) cultural and artistic brewing festival is to promote cultural and artistic mix in a New Coutial region. The Fecak is a means of consolidating the fraternal bundles between the people of the Koutiala region. Another purpose of Fecak: to promote the various potential opportunities of the Koutiala region that is the most industrialized city of Mali with a fifty-one factories.

"The Fecak is a project that has to be done by all the people of Koutiala. It is a source of pride for me to see that it is initiated, as soon as it is known, by people welcome. We have been guided by Need populations, so the organization of Fecak is a success, and we think the party can't be beautiful without the mobilization of all males said Adama Konaté, director of Building Development and no less the initiative of the festival.

During the press conference that began the festival activities, the initiators produced the activities on the event menu. The various interventions show that Fecak is not like other festivals there & # 39; people dance, eat and go home & # 39 ;.

Important topics on education, citizenship, health, sanitation and art and culture are on the festival menu. According to the speakers, the 1st edition of Fecak will also be drawn by exhibitions of local products, information and training courses for youth and women, series of concerts and musicals.

Everything suggests that Fecak does not suffer the same fate as previous festivals held by Koutiala in the past.

"Koutiala has many cultural festivals that have not long lasted. We hope this festival will be sustainable. The Koutiala Circle Council that I lead will not save energy or resources to make this festival a success to make in all aspects. Koutiala is ready to call the Fecak " the president of the Koutiala Circle Council. The same assurance was given by the representative of the mayor of Koutiala, during the press conference.

Endorsed ambassador of Fecak, it is the musician Abdoulaye Diabaté who officially launched the activities of the event. He took the opportunity to respond to traders and economic companies in the Koutiala region to support the Fecak, not only helping to sell the image of Koutiala, but also stimulating its development. The official launch of Fecak's activities was marked by the start of the Fecak Cup matches, which watch football teams from various parts of Koutiala City.

Sidiki Traoré

Source: The oath of Mali

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