Wednesday , March 3 2021

Khoudia MBAYE exits a job in the entente

"We are all battles for the benefit of the pays.They think that ours are all embarrassed in the same battles and our devotion to all his works for his Senegalese in the field of poverty, in the 2035's, when he exhorted Responding to questions of deputies as part of the budget of the Ministry of Ministries.

The entire envelope in the Department of Ministries for Management 2019 is stopped at the sum of 25 milliards 701 million 135 mile 500 FCFA, contending 9 milliards 488 million 970 miles 100 FCFA in 2018.

Elle has a 16 million yard of 212 million 165 mills of 400 FCFA, with a total value of 170.85% and a relative ratio.

"It's not easy to train one last year, but it's the best possible time for our country, but we're in the train last year, since 2012, we have registered a high-quality bond," said Khoudia Mbaye.

Elle suggests that Senegal has been celebrating its premises in Africa today. "Nous ne disons pas que c'est suffisant, mais nous disons qu'il faut tout très vite. Et je pense que nous avons accéléré la cadence", a-t-elle indiqué.

Khoudia Mbaye declares that his department is giving credit to enhancing the climate of the affairs, to attract investors to foreigners who are "resourceful". "We are continuing our efforts," and promises.

The Ministry of Investment Promotion ensures that Senegal has recorded the results in the domain of the dematerialization of the administrative documents and the development of information technology and communication.


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