Thursday , April 22 2021

Khalifa and Karim saw the Court of EKOWAS •

Like Karim Wade, the former mayor of Dakar, Khalifa Hall, the Constitutional Council has definitively rejected his candidate for presidential elections. He simply applied to the Court of Justice in ECOWAS in an urgent case against the State of Senegal.

As an election campaign, Khalifa Ababacar will be running an outright marathon that doesn't seem to end. On January 20, at 11:00 pm, the Senegalese constitutional official officially dismissed the appeal that was formerly made by the former Dakar deputy and mayor against the decision that his candidate did not fall. The presidential election of February 24 must therefore be kept without him or her, that his occupation has the same fate.

However, the disappearances that have been collected since March 2017 do not disappear. On January 16, his lawyers defeated a variety of talks against the state of Senegal in the economic community of West Africa (ECOWAS) Court in Abuja. There is a hope that he has the right to acknowledge a candidate, despite his 5 year conviction in prison, that is, in his eyes, not yet definite – this cannot prevent him from competing .

In November, Karim Wade first decided on the joint jurisdiction to have the validity of his registration on an electoral roll. The case has not yet been investigated.

Accelerated procedure

In addition to a travel institute's motion, Khalifa's lawyers would also arrange interim proceedings and a tried-and-tested procedure for the Court for the official opening of a campaign placed on February 3.

In their memoirs, which attempt to smother Jeune Afrique, My Ciré Clédor Ly and Demba Ciré Bathily anticipate several texts that they would like to say on the Senegalese constitutional council and that this one should she would be by Khalifa Hall from & # 39; a president: the Universal Declaration of & # 39; rights of & # 39; a human being and the citizen, the International Council on Civil and Political Rights, the African Charter for Rights of Human and Peoples and the Senegalese Constitution.

In their applications, they argue that several starting points that have been confirmed in these texts do not respect: non-retroactivity of laws; proportionality and individualization of senses; the right to participate in the keeping of public affairs of his country, to vote and to choose.

Elector or not?

The lawyers see that by changing the electoral law a few months from & # 39; e candidates, making it one of & # 39; a requester resumed at & # 39; Registering the voters list, the Senegalese authorities simply lent two opponents: Khalifa Hall and Karim Wade.

They further establish that only a court decision can receive Khalifa from its status as a voter (and therefore a candidate), and that it is not a constitutional council to deprive him of this right. They finally think that the rejection of the cashier companies has been pronounced by the Court of # 3 on January 3, and still has an elevated call in & # 39; a "stopwatch". In other words, the conviction of Dakar's mayor until 5 years in prison in & # 39; The events, driving on occupation, would not yet be definitive.


If the decisions of the ECOWAS Court of Justice are binding according to the State elections, their request by this latter will never be realized. Senegal has increasingly been included in the case of Karim Wade and Khalifa at & # 39; A sovereignty of their judicial institutions, it does not seem that a decision by Abuja arises to replace the cards of a presidential election.


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