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Jérôme Rothen (RMC SPORT) has released the PSG / Liverpool press releases


At about four hours of the Champions League Championship between PSG and Liverpool, the Paris fleet has a particular atmosphere. A tension, an excitation, a passion. This perfume of the grand match, Jérôme Rothen, the finalist of the C1 in 2004 with the AS Monaco, is well known. Aujourd'hui consultant for RMC Sport, which was played by the PSG (2004-2010) raconte, and is based on its experience, commenting on Paris's Paris préparation.

Télé Loisirs: Jerome, the last meeting between the PSG and Liverpool resumed in April 1997, a semi-final of the Coupe des Coupes. What about a souvenir? Are you ready to stand in tribunes?

Jérôme Rothen : For a moment, you need to go to the Parc des Princes: j'étais devant ma télévision! The PSG will be playing the 3-0 match, with a communal communion with the public and the city. In return, the PSG has slipped 0-2 to Anfield but is sufficient to qualify for the final, loss (0-1) against FC Barcelone. It's my passage PSG Between 2004 and 2010, a match has been marked: a victory in the Parc des Princes (4-0) Twente and Coupe de l'UEFA, and 2008. He has the power in the air (NDLR: in the name of supporters around the city) and this nervous ambition we can even be aggressive in the air. Et quand les joueurs ont faim, le public suit …

That way, the PSG retrieves Liverpool. Even though a match of poules, and not a team of directors to beat, Parisians will be the champion for qualifying for the final of the Champions League Championships. What do you have to say about yourself, in the home, what is the preparation?

In front of the matching match, as you look at the characters, the ambiance change by reporting on the preparation of a championship match. Les jouers les plus assurés parlente davantage et mettent plus de rythme lors des entraîments. The chops are more vocal and on-the-shoulders, the usual palpable way, a concentration intensified intensified. Même les joueurs qui manquent de grinta Predently suspended plus the place. And when it comes to discriminating or intrudering, it's up to the crook, which will force the whole world!

PSG / Liverpool: Neymar and Kylian Mbappé aptes à jouer? Yes, mais …

At the same time, on the occasion of PSG, since the beginnings of his first issue, the nature of the characters and the impact of these great matches. Do you share this impression?

Totalement. Without awareness of the seasonal eradication of real Madrid, le PSG And this is a great way to enjoy this season. Watch out for the defeat of the entrance (3-2) on the pelouse Liverpool où all the lines of the team have trembling. This is the worst thing to say, that the players are not grouped, in the event or after, but to rescue, or to resolve the solutions. Hence, the suite has been a little more rational, in particular à Naples. The gamers have their ramen a good match of 1-1, and they have a great deal of physical engagement.

Do you have a PSG to pass a Champions League Championship?

Certes, it manages a milieu of land at the N'Golo Kanté, capable of repaying the defenses. But the effectiveness of this action is to learn how to act wisely! For example, Adrien Rabiot is a gorgeous player but longtime ever since it does not make a dominant match in the athletic plan. And apart from the efforts of the collectives or collectives of the "taquets", one can only spot the territories of their volunteering balloons. The fault will be the recipient of the adversary, the doucher. Of players as Neymar, Julian Draxler, Angel Di Maria or even Kylian Mbappé, the one rarely cares "carbonized" on a field. The culture of the gang, this is: mobilize, make a maximum of effort and be able to reproduce the collection of performance when it comes to the fact.

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These high-intensity matches, especially those in Namibia, can be found in Monaco, since the 2003-2004 season. You have recently won the Champions League Championships, Chelsea and Chelsea and Madrid Real Madrid Zinadine Zidane, Luis Figo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos … The team won the final against the FC Porto but you did not like it année-là …

They have a variety of lien collections. Didier Deschamps, our experienced entrepreneur, has created and created this site. Since then, it has been reported that it has adapted its management to the emotional profile of its players. Il identifiait bien quel joueur il fait rassurer et, à l'inverse, quel "mec" il fallait titiller … Certains profils have to rescue a sort of trainer to reach their best level, as they devise the failure to fight the combat. And, unfortunately, the PSG entrant, Thomas Tuchel, seems very humble to the psychological plan. It could be more than their predecessors Unai Emery and Laurent Blanc.

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