Friday , May 7 2021

“It will not be LeBron James’ year”

Currently in the hospital, LeBron James is already excited to find the floors. Determined to win a new title, however, the king is not unanimous. Even less so after his recent viral post.

Severely hit in the ankle, LeBron James has not walked the floors for a while now. The time is starting to get long for him, especially as the playoffs now start in a little over a month. No time to hang out for the king, who wants to find his teammates as soon as possible.

This is even more true considering the results of the Angelinos without the stars, such as this Thursday after a new defeat against the Heat. Despite all this, LeBron passed a post on social media that went viral fast,

His opponents are warned, LeBron is not there to joke and he intends to do harm on his return. However, not everyone seems to win by the Laker’s attitude. This is the case of his eternal enemy, Skip Bayless, who recently attacked his latest outing on Instagram.

LeBron wants to warn the entire NBA: “The sheriff and his deputy are on the verge of restoring order in the league!” This is mainly because all the attention is on the Net. They have become the center of attention, and LeBron knows it perfectly. He needs to remind everyone: “don’t forget me”. But he will become increasingly quiet during the playoffs because it will not be his year.

Will LeBron win the ring? Not for the polemicist, who especially foreshadows the loss of big players:

They lost too many important pieces, like Rondo, Danny Green who can defend at the highest level. You lost Dwight Howard, JaVale McGee.

Although LeBron James would love to return, not everyone is optimistic about the Lakers’ chances. A habit for the king, who intends to turn the situation in his favor. Roll on the playoffs.

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