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Insurance: Bâloise buys Belgium Fidea for 543.8 million – News Economy: Companies

Baloise visited the Belgian insurer Fidea, which is active in life and non-life insurance (fire, accident, and other risks) for 480 million euros (543.8 million francs). The transaction is expected in & # 39; the second half of & # 39; years.

With the acquisition of Fidea, the Rhine insurance company strengthens its market share in Belgium to 8.5% of the non-living segment and 4.2% of the life partner, he said on Monday.

Fidea registers a premium volume of CHF 351.6 million in 2018 (provisional figures), of which more than two thirds came from the non-life segment. EBIT was negative CHF 8.6 million due to non-recurring effects.

Prices in Belgium under the brand name "Baloise Insurance", realized in 2018 a business volume of 1.7 billion francs and an operating profit (EBIT) of 199 million francs.

After Fidea's integration, Baloise Insurance (Belgium) will have about 1600 employees, including 360 Fidea employees. (Ps / NXP)

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