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Idée reçue: Emmanuel Macron is écolo

If Emmanuel Macron really is an ecologist, he can devote himself to suggestions about the planet's surface, contributing to the degradation of the environment.

Par Eddie Willers.

After the prolongation of my previous article on the pretense of the librarianism of our presidency, we have attracted another aspect to present Emmanuel Macron: this pretend ecology. After having been sacred champion of the Earth, it has multiplied the announcements and bill works in favor of our planet's reservation.

The rise of the tax on the diesel is the fact that the plague in the premiere of the mass of its quinquennat (if it exposes the deficit of Benalla affair). As for the most important elements of my life, I think that Emmanuel Macron has a realistic attitude to the press associations of ecologists who are not realistic of the lobby as the others.

Macron against the glyphosate

Prenons l'exemple du glyphosate. The president has been pushing from the month for the Assembly to vote for the interdiction of glyphosate in a three-year-long army. At the same time the World Health Organization, the French National Security Agency, the Food Safety Agency is incapable of concluding the "probable heart attack" of glyphosate, the "ecologists" associations of all the borders contre cet herbicide.

With all the alternatives dites naturally in the sulphate base, the selenium and the vulnerable deterioration of the durable manure, the effectiveness is minimal and the need for the greater the size of the pulse and the LD50 plus. Interleave the glyphosate to stimulate the use of the most important herbicides and to destroy the sols. For a realistic ecologist, a rational analysis of the situation will help prevent the preservation and recovery of glyphosate rather than invigorate labor and brothel bouillon.

Macron against the nucléaire

The second announcement that I have totally denied the sense: the announcement of the closure of 6 nuclear reactors and the pursuit of the investment plan in the renewables' energies. Alors that France shows one of the world's most energy-efficient mixes when it comes to exiting Norway and its hydroelectric resources, our president will be encouraging the energies that have increased our CO2 emissions.

The nucléaire is a natural earthquake that does not reflect CO2 emissions and can respond to the needs of a well-developed nation. The renewable energy resources are the sources of energy inventories that have the characteristics of the French networking characteristics and the actual stock technology compensate for its intermediate residue in the middle of charbon.

You will be able to take a look at the Electricity Map to make your account account you have listed below the CO2 products: France or Germany. From the point of view, the choice is to abandon the nucléaire in favor of the economy and photovoltaic.

It is an ecologist and anti-nucliary who is a non-senseless one. All the payers have decided to reposition their production of electricity on photovoltaic and the eyelines are obliged to turn on the central cylinders or the importers of the electric power by their own voice. On the harshness of these choices, choices are made of big titles such as "Denmark is coming to produce 100% of its hydropower resources for renewable energy".

On the other hand, negligently, the pricing that has lasted for one hour and that, in the night of Denmark, is imported from the electricity by its own name, which has been produced by the charcoal central.

Macron for the transient hygienic

The earlier report of the Court of Auditors on our renewable energy policies is a very critical issue. Rien qu'en 2016, for example, 5.3 milliards have been English for subsidizing the sector, for the impact of the environment … no. By substituting a 100% hydraulic power plant, CO2 will be able to reshape the other sources of energy to compensate for its intermediate.

At the same time, this peer-to-peer attitude has been directed towards the renovation of the buildings, the principal mailing of CO2 emissions and the transports in France. Or, the President is preferred in its allocation of November 27, 2009, through the Two-way Transit Credit Transfer System that encourages individuals to enhance the energy efficiency of their homes.

Single point to the credit of this allocation: the award of the premium conversion of household chambers, to all, the only real ecological measure that the rescuer of his speech.

Almost as Nicolas Hulot has left the government and denouncing the weight of the lobby, I am convinced that the presidential ecological president is in effect dictated by their lobbies. Mais pas ceux auxquels les Français pensent. Looking at the Green Future Generations Futures. There are many associations that have to contaminate the pesticides but only their synthetic ones (if they are selling their products without pesticides authorized in bio, in the biocoop stores) and the other against the nucléaire same as celui-ci is the best place for the environment today (zero emission and total pilotable).

If Emmanuel Macron really is an ecologist, he can devote himself to those prophecies that are about to exploit the planet, contributing to the degradation of the environment.

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