Monday , May 17 2021

"I think the authorities want to win more twice"

The travel agencies we are interviewed are welcome to play the game.

This is the case of Gérard La Rocca boss of Evao Voyages: " We can do it and it will be effective. This is located on the side of a mini-network located in the west of France the instructions are given To go in the direction of the network.

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Others have some reservations: " I will just examine it exactly, depending on the points of sale, its location, the type of customer that is more or less complicated "Explains this boss of different sales points." It will also sell what the customer wants Adds another authored manager.

The tour operators expect a lot on their side.

Laurent Abitbol at the head of Voyamar delivers gold has also made his accounts. It costs him more money: " I'm an IK I know how far we can. For Voyamar, the new references cost € 250,000 cost if I do the same number as last year. "

Those in gold like Asia or Boomerang believe in it.

But how else can it do?

Laurent Abitbol is merely thanks to its double caps Marietton – Selectour, the representative of Almost 1,500 points of sales in the French market. The only group has 445 branches (including 132 Selectour).

" No TO can not do without distribution distribution Says Nicolas Delord, chairman of Thomas Cook France in a debate on touring. " Today there are Leclerc Voyages and Laurent Abitbol. We also have Carrefour Voyages mar … Laurent is also in the place He says.

" The balance of power is proposed for distribution and I do not see mid-weight change Adds Pascal the Izaguirre chairman of TUI France.

Not content to number 1 on distribution, Marietton is also present at tour operators.

The acquisition of Heliades will be formulated on December 27, 2018, and the group will take a stage in another tour operator.

In situ, tour operators referenced by Selector look very rare.

One of them tells us " If one of my direct competitors introduces the Marietton Falls, then it does not have to be that pilotage changes. "

In Dubai was the time of convergence! See you in a year for a first evaluation.

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