Tuesday , August 3 2021

Grandpa? Now Paris needs to buy Ali Benarbia

The Saint-Germain Paralympics will try to win a Cup championship double this season, which would be a minimum for disappointed fans and troubled.

After a season that's psychological again Parisians will be a mercato just stress. After another bitter defeat in the Champions League, the leaders of & # 39; be a club of the capital to work with the players. In the offensive sector, Paris will expect obligations. Nicolas Pépé existed that he had, in particular after his Sunday afternoon, against Paris in Ligue 1.

Nicolas Pépé at PSG? A big yes for Ali Benarbia

On the antennaRMC Sport, the specialist gave his perspective on this railroad. According to him, she is perfect for PSG. "Pepe would be a very good rookie for PSG. Now, if you want a prospective player, if you bring much more than you have, Pepe is in the Champions League all the more to give more. bring, that's just the problem. After, on the quality level, and to get ahead of the future, with a player style like Nicolas Pepe, you know "Ligue 1", and whoever quickly makes it is positive, he was able to make sure they didn't, even if Mbappé, Cavani and Neymar are, Pepe is a player who has other features than these players ", said Ali Benarbia, called by the idea of ​​seeing Pepe at PSG.

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