Saturday , December 4 2021

Francophone Africa is a priority for global hotel chains


The analysis of hotel development projects found by the W Hospitality Group shows that at present, more than 30% of all projects in Africa – before construction and on site – are concentrated in French-Afrikaans. Hotel expansion goes beyond the continent, from Morocco through Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Niger and Guinea, West and North Africa, to Madagascar, the Indian Ocean.

"Until then, the broadcasting of global players in French-speaking Africa was relatively low, but the lack of supply and the growing demand put a development amount. Trevor Ward, director of the W Hospitality Group, explains.

In 2018, projects in French-Afrikaans Africa include 131 hotels and 23,139 rooms, an increase of 12.4% of the period 2017. For Africa, as a whole, 418 hotels and 76,312 rooms were planned.

The top five groups in Francophone Africa are:

-Marriott with 30% of projects in French-Afrikaans (38 hotels, 7,055 rooms)

-Accor with 11% of projects in Francophone Africa (15 hotels, 2,648 rooms)

-Hilton with 9% of projects in Francophone Africa (10 hotels, 2 112 rooms)

– The Louvre with 8% of projects in Francophone Africa (11 hotels, 1,899 kamer)

-Radisson Hotel Group with 7% of projects in Francophone Africa (9 hotels, 1,529 rooms).

In North Africa as a whole, North Africa and West Africa respond 60% and 30% of projects in 39 cases with 73 hotels and 13,886 rooms on & nbsp; one hand and 43 hotels and 7009 to others. Rooms on the other hand.

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