Sunday , December 5 2021

Fancetour of Stade Ngalandou Diouf: Teungueth FC decides plainly


XALIMANEWS: Depending on the restriction of "provisoire" of Ngalandou Diouf in the Rufisque mansion, Babacar Ndiaye with the portfolio threatens against some authority to be responsible of the maneuvers that have been amended in this situation, written on the Facebook account TFC Rufisque.
"Depending on the time, the club Teungueth FC and the rufisquoise population are on the horizon. They are in the form of a "provisoire" stall in Ngalandou Diouf. After seven long and long years of work, the opening of the Stade Ngalandou Diouf will be a good oxygen bouquet for the youth and the club of this vintage.
The contributor argued that they had been compensated for the renovation of the opening ceremony and it was primordial that the population was informed of this management. In this connection, Teungueth FC has experienced the development of rufus sports in the name of the bearer that affects the jurisdictions of the competitiveness if the veterinarian has been prolonged. ", Said Babacar Ndiaye President of Teungueth FC, according to sports site Wiwsport.

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