Monday , November 29 2021

Electoral file: Discover the "Strengths" and the "weak points"


XALIMANEWS: The control committee of # recommendations of & # 39; The control mission of the election registrations has announced on Friday that the existence of several strong and weak points in this file, after six months, informs our APS.

During the remainder, the judges have rated the error rate between 1.24% and 1.989%, "said Issa Sall, a member of this control commission, at a brief post.

Under the control procedure (CCPE), the rector lists presented the "strength and weakness of the election regulation for the partial revision of the voting lists."

What the strong points did, he found the absence of minority, electronic duplicates or pollen plates and untold offices.

He also addresses well-referenced electoral addresses for each voters and consistent data.

Referring to the weakness, Issa Sall reports that the total of major problems is # 39; 77,589 record #, in preparation of 1,241% represents.

"If we add smaller problems, the total up to 124,326 registrations increase, a fast of 1.989%," he said, added that recommendations were set for this effect to prevent such problems. errors.

Under the recommendations, he called the implementation of an algorithm that has nowadays to remove contamination losses and many others.

"For the control commission is the use of an algorithm greater security, although the fear of loss is issued by the DAF is legitimated," he said, taking it until the end of the current election project to limit this problem.

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