Wednesday , July 28 2021

Dakar and Abu Dhabi place final actions of future military agreements between the two countries

At the initiative of his service, Leutnant General Muhammad Thani traveled Al-Rumaithi, protagonist of the & # 39; Armed Forces & # 39; a United Arab Emirates, traveling the Cemga to Abu Dhabi on April 8, for a fifteen stay. A successful stay at the same time looks at several actions of military cooperation in a framework of training, support and exchange. This visit also gave General Cheikh Guèye to discover other aspects of this country, economic partner of Senegal.

In the past, the exemplary relationship between both countries has been well established, knowing that the most prestigious military sites have been opened to General Cheikh Gueye.

The delegation that started with the Cemga Cheikh Gueye consisted of general officers, senior officers and various protagonists of the personnel of Land, Sea and Air armies. A strong delegation came to Al Dhafra military aviation, 30 km south of Abu Dhabi, by General Obeid, Special Adviser to his heir Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, vice president of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Dubai. General Guèye and his delegation were then installed at the Abu Dhabi Officers Hotel prestige.

At a rapid rate, the Senegalese army delegation will try again at the Martyrs Memorial, Wahat Al Karama, in & # 39; a tribute to & martyrs of & # 39; the people, including the emirate soldiers, fall into the field of honor in Yemen, where he, with a guard of military honor, received by his heir, Sheikh Khalifa, Bin Shakhboot Al-Nahyan, director of the office of # 39; martyrs from & # 39; a nation where he was taken to a wreath of a flower wreath.

The highlight of the visit will be the modalities for establishing both the military military cooperation between the armies of & # 39; two countries, especially in areas related to the fight against terrorism and violentism, the maintenance of peace and security. international security, the technical training of the personnel of all armies and the reinforcement of & # 39; e device of Senegalese rule. Abu Dhabi has offered to keep Senegalese in its center of excitement to fight terrorism and violent extremism, the HEDAYAH center that is a leader in this field.

The visit of Hidaya Center provided General Guèye with an overview of & # 39; missionaries who offered this important setting that & # 39; t contribute to & # 39; prevention, radicalization and reintegration of vulnerable groups by well-educated and target groups.

Famous Leutenant General Cheikh Guèye made a trip to the National Defense College, led by General Rashad Al-Saadi, where he had a clear idea of ​​the functioning of this institution, which is the Emirati military and civilian elite, through higher education modules for diplomats.

In addition, the visit confirmed the Senegalese delegation, generally Muhammad Thani Al-Rumaithi, confirmed his next stay in Senegal when inviting his counterpart.

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