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"" Capernaum "illuminated the Marrakesh heaven" – Colette KHALAF

On red carpet popular folks. Audiences and stars from the whole world came to Nadine Labaki's Capharnaum, as the writer and programmer Racha Salti pointed out, "marching the heavenly sky." A lively emoticon pulls the lively director, especially when they call the city that calls for this unique galaxy: "You have made me happy. This is where I learned the good news that my movie was selected on Golden Globes, while presenting Capernaum, she also says, "A child is a child, and the story of Zain is that of all children, or living, Palestinian, Syrian, Mexican, or Indian. I hope you join this film and help to stimulate the voice of these marginalized communities. "

Earlier in the day, dedicated to local and foreign journalists, Nadine Labaki was familiar with Orient-Le Jour, where she knew her trip to the United States. This road movie she has just lived with her husband, Khaled Mouzannar, producer of the film and composer of music Capernaum, but also with the small Zain, his principal.

Indestructible and fixed

"From Los Angeles to Washington through New York we have the projections of multiplies and especially the debates on the work and all the context there has been realized, there was so much wagons before the names of Goldens Globes It was known to be a preliminary press conference that it was a great way to see the importance of the public in film. A real positive discussion took place and I told Zain in her own way, "they are angry. "You know Zain is a wild child, but our concept has been completed, I know how to work and communicate with it. Besides, it was important that he follow this whole process, which ultimately led him goes. "

From the Cannes Film Festival where the Libyan movie maker said the film's film remains, and that, for that, it was necessary to create a global movement to help Nadine Labaki's needy childhood help, between two tours, He did not work on the social aspect of # 39; the movie. "We have succeeded in creating a association to help families send their children to streets, but to educate them.We are very much supported by UNICEF and UNHCR, but this action should continue, And we must duplicate the projections to the government to work on real-world legislation. "

"I know the defect of the system is too much, because I've done all this research, because I've been there everywhere, police, police, so I know where I start," she says. Has Lebanon been sensitive to Capernaum? Has her homeland granted her same welcome as other countries? Or is there no prophet in his land? "With the number of weeks the film remained in the theater, I can say yes, it was well received, it was clever, and in spite of all the bad intentions that here and there stone, but, in my opinion, film his presence through the debate that it leaves, I believe that Capernaum's objective does not stop with the movie itself and that it will soon become a real local and international movement. "

The winners:

Gold Star: Joy of Sudabeh Mortezai (Austria)

Juripriis: The Camarista by Lila Avilès (Mexico)

Price of Stage: Teret d & # 39; Ognjen Glavonic (Serbia)

Male Performance Award: Nidhal Saadi for Nejib Belkadhi's Lookout (Tunisia)

Best Actress Award: Aenne Schwarz in Everything Is Good by Eva Trobisch (Germany).

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